Brian Austin Green Supports Son Wearing Dresses

During a recent interview with Hollywood Pipeline‘s Straight from the Source, Beverly Hills, 90210 alum Brian Austin Green opened up about family life with wife Megan Fox and their three sons — Noah, 4, Bodhi, 3, and Journey, 1.

“I’ve heard from some people that they don’t agree with him wearing dresses. To them I say, ‘I don’t care,” said the proud papa, 44, of Noah’s fashion choices.

He added: “And it’s dresses or goggles or slippers or whatever. It’s his life, they’re not my clothes. … I feel like at 4 at 5, that’s a time when he should be having fun. He’s not harming anyone wearing a dress. So if he wants to wear a dress, good on him.”

In August, the Transformers actress, 31, posted a photo of Noah wearing a Frozen princess dress.

Also last month, the actor said he would love to add to their brood.

“I really want a girl,” Green admitted.

In 2015, Fox filed for divorce after five years of marriage, citing irreconcilable differences. Shortly after, the pair announced their third pregnancy and reconciled the following year.

“I don’t know what the secret is. Just stick it out. Like fighting and making up, believing in each other,” the actor said. “I’ve dated people before and you kind of get to that point where you go, ‘You know what, I don’t feel the same way,’ and I’ve never reached that with her.”

Source: Brian Austin Green Supports Son Wearing Dresses

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