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Is Meghan Markle Giving us a Clue She’s Pregnant? It’s All in the Hair

There has been much speculation in recent weeks that Meghan Markle is expecting. Royal watchers are predicting that the Duchess of Sussex is with child and the telltale sign is the way she has been styling her hair at recent functions.

The 37-year-old Duchess has always opted for her favored styles of a low bun or glossy waves. These two styles’s have been coined as her signature styles but Markle gave royal followers fuel to speculate in recent weeks when she attended multiple events wearing her hair down and straight.

This theory may seem ludicrous but in royal history, this theory hold’s up as true. The Duchess of Sussex sister-in-law Kate Middleton, 36, has a history of changing up her look shortly before making an announcement she is expecting.

Back in September 2017 reporter, Kate Proctor brought light to this theory shortly after Prince William and Kate Middleton announced they were expecting their third child.

Pattern is Duchess of Cambridge changes her hairstyle, people concentrate on her head, then announces pregnancy. My gfs called this wks ago!” the journalist tweeted at the time.

Kate debuted a new do in July 2017, two month before announcing her third pregnancy. The Duchess of Cambridge sported a shorter bob style that was marked the ‘Kob’ a combination of ‘Kate’ and ‘Bob.’

Back in 2012 before announcing her first pregnancy Kate made an extreme hair change when she debuted bangs that made headlines around the world.

Many ask what is the thought process behind this theory? Royal analysts suggest that by making a noticeable hair change takes the focus away from her body and brings all attention to the Duchess’ face. It’s less likely to bring attention to a growing bump before the palace is ready to make the official announcement.

Prince Harry, 34, and Meghan Markle have not made an official announcement that they are expecting but the pair has been transparent that they do want children. In an interview in November, Harry said when asked about children, “Hopefully we’ll start a family in the near future.”

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Prince George & Princess Charlotte Steal the Show

Prince George & Princess Charlotte Steal the Show Yet Again at a Friend’s Wedding

Prince George and Princess Charlotte were the adorable sibling duo over the weekend and it comes to no surprise these royal cuties stole the hearts of everyone twice over!

George and Charlotte stood in for a family friends wedding, George was one of four chosen pageboys while his sister Charlotte one of three bridesmaids. The wedding was celebrating one of Duchess Kate’s closest and dearest friends Sophie Carter who happens to be Charlotte’s godmother.

The nuptials took place in the countryside outside of London the perfect backdrop for George and Charlotte to show off their antics.

During the celebration George, 5, was seen marching around with a big smile on his face while his younger sister Charlotte, 3, looks amused by her brother’s silly behavior.

A source spoke to PEOPLE on Saturday and said, “George is a real star, quite the little chap. He was having a great time, running around like the leader of the pack.”

Charlotte wasn’t the only one amused by her brother’s playfulness. Duchess Kate, 36, was seen smiling warmly while she watched her son romp around with the other page boys.

When it came time for pictures with the bride and groom the cuteness didn’t stop with these two. Kate was pictured standing with the wedding party while holding Charlotte in her arms. Charlotte was reserved holding onto her mum, it seemed like all the excitement had worn this mini royal down.

In another wedding picture, Charlotte is seen being held by the bride. Charlotte looks onto the camera with a sweet smile ensuring this picture a keeper.

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For the special occasion, George and Charlotte were outfitted in one of Kate’s favored children’s clothing designers, Amaia. Charlotte wore an ivory linen dress with royal blue embroidered detail along with a flower crown in her hair. George was dressed in traditional English wedding attire, wearing blue trousers with an off-white linen shirt and a blue cummerbund.

George and Charlotte are becoming veterans when it comes to standing in for weddings. This marked their third wedding for the pair. Their first was for their Aunt Pippa’s wedding in 2017 and earlier this year for their Uncle Harry.

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Kim and Kanye Split Duties over the Weekend

Read About North and Saint West’s Big Weekend: It’s One For the Books!

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West two eldest kiddos, North and Saint had quite the weekend. Kim and Kanye split up parental duties over the weekend on opposite sides of the country.

Kanye spent some one on one time with his boy Saint in his hometown of Chicago while Kim stayed put in Los Angeles and had a girls weekend with her eldest daughter North.

So what do you do when you’re showing your son around the city you grew up in? Well typically you would take him around to all the popular sites but when you’re Kanye West you bring him to a White Sox game to throw the first pitch.

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West was the doting father on Sunday as he walked out onto the ball field with 2-year-old Saint on his shoulders. The rapper wore a White Sox jersey for the occasion and walked over to the mound and set his son down on the pitcher’s mound.

The 41-year-old Chicago native handed Saint the ball which Saint threw a short distance as Kanye looked on with an ear to ear grin. After Saint threw the pitch, Kanye leaned down to his boy and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Kanye was then given the ball to throw and after his pitch, the crowd broke out in applause for the father-son duo. Kanye still beaming from the moment he will always cherish carried his son who was wearing a Chicago Bulls jacket with a White Sox jersey layered under off the field.

Back on the West coast, Kim was having a mother-daughter first with her eldest North. It seems like the 5-year-old is following her mother’s passion for fashion.

North made her runway debut walking the L.O.L. Surprise Fashion Show that took place in Pacific Palisades, California. North took to the catwalk wearing an inspired Michael Jackson outfit while the music icons hit Thriller played in the background. North was a natural and played the part like a seasoned pro proudly showing off her red jacket and matching skirt.

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Her proud mama KKW founder Kim Kardashian sat front in center cheering her daughter on. The 37-year-old happily took the backseat for the day allowing her daughter to bask in all the attention.

Kim explained later of her daughter’s love for the L.O.L. characters that led her to her involvement in the day’s festivities. “North is completely obsessed with L.O.L. Surprise already, so when we found out there was going to be an L.O.L. Surprise BIGGER Surprise Fashion show, she absolutely had to be involved.”

“She loves to dress up like her favorite characters, so it was so exciting for her to actually become a real-life L.O.L. doll,” Kardashian West added.

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Porsha Williams May Have Just Revealed Sex of Her Baby

Porsha Williams of The Real Housewives of Atlanta recently revealed that she is pregnant with her first child. Now it looks like she may have accidentally revealed the sex of her baby on an Instagram post. Us Weekly shared the details about what Porsha had to say and how fans think she is having a girl now. Of course, she isn’t admitting anything just yet. 

Porsha is 37-years-old and expecting her first child with her boyfriend Dennis McKinley. The reality star from The Real Housewives of Atlanta is really excited about the baby on the way. When she found out the news an article was released about it. Later that day Porsha went to her Instagram and said, “I am happy, healthy… and pregnant! #BabyMckinley #DM #Blessed … Love you all thank you for your support and warm wishes it means the world to us!” She had just shared back in June that she was dating and details about her man. 

Recently, Ming Lee posted a photo on Instagram that showed four babies that were napping. Porsha decided to reply to it. She said, “Omg I wish my baby was out !! I would have her right there getting done up lol.” Did you notice that she said “her”? This has everyone wondering if Porsha has a little girl on the way. If so, she hasn’t revealed the sex yet so she accidentally let it slip.

The fans noticed what Porsha had to say and they started messaging her about it. She didn’t respond to any of them. If she didn’t mean to say it, she isn’t admitting a thing. Now everyone will just have to wonder for a while if Porsha is really having a girl. Hopefully, she will announce it soon, but she could decide to wait until the baby is here to even confirm the sex of her new child. 

It will be interesting to see how Porsha reacts to being pregnant and if it changes her. When a new season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta starts, the fans will be able to find out if anything is different. 

Do you think that Porsha Williams is actually having a girl? Let us know in the comments below and don’t miss The Real Housewives of Atlanta when it returns to Bravo with new episodes. It should be back later this year, but an exact return date has not been revealed yet. 

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