Chris Brown Buys Monkey for Royalty (VIDEO)

Chris Brown, 28, is under fire for buying his 3-year-old daughter, Royalty, a pet monkey. The singer posted a video on social media of his daughter holding the monkey like a baby wrapped in a blanket. Royalty beamed with happiness while holding her new pet monkey.

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Chris who has joint custody with baby mama Nia Guzman, 34, asked his daughter in the video “Is that your baby? He’s going to be bigger than you! Look, you have the same sized head!” Chris couldn’t stop laughing he seemed to get a kick out it.

Chris Brown Buys Monkey…But Why?

Most people would find buying a child a pet monkey a radical decision, what happened to just getting your kid a puppy? The majority of his fans were outraged at what they felt as completely irresponsible of the artist. One fan left a comment: “It is so cruel to have a monkey as a pet…..miserable.” While another fan seemed to almost plead with Chris and wrote “This poor baby monkey belongs with its family in a natural habitat. It is not a domesticated animal such as a dog or cat and in no way should be a pet or promoted as a pet.”

Some fans raised the question that while wealth can give you the ability to shower your child with grandiose gestures you can also indulge someone in the wrong way. 

A fan posed the question to Chris “Has it become too normal for her to “just” have a dog or a cat??”

If the kind of monkey you see in the video seems familiar, you may remember TV sitcom Friend’s character Ross Gellar had one as a pet. The monkey is a marmoset, known to fit just in the palm of your hand they are used to living in the treetops of the South American rainforests.

Brown recently won a custody battle with Nia Guzman. The baby mama was denied full custody, the requested whopping $20k a month for child support among other demands she took the singer to court for. Maybe this is his way of celebrating the victory with his daughter?

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