Chrissy Teigen and Luna

Chrissy Teigen and Luna Learns to Help

Chrissy Teigen had a little helper over the holiday weekend, her adorable 19-month-old daughter Luna. Chrissy, 31, posted a sweet snap on her Snapchat of Luna helping her mama cleaning up some spilled water.

In the snap, you hear Chrissy saying “Oh man, it’s just water, can you help me?” then you see Luna cleaning it up with a towel and then Chrissy saying “thank you.” By the looks of the “Snap” video, Luna had no problem helping her mama out and it seems like Chrissy is really enjoying this age.

Oh you cheeky face with my same squinty eye!!

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She declared that this is the best age, on one of the snaps.

Another Baby on the Way

The family of three spent the Thanksgiving holiday at John’s parents’ house in Springfield, Ohio. Luna was also pictured playing outside and enjoying running in the Fall leaves, which is a big switch to the southern California weather she is used to.

The proud mama must know it’s time to teach Luna to lend a helping hand and we agree, you can never start too young. The Legend household is about to get bigger by one sometime next year. John and Chrissy announced earlier last week that they are expecting baby number two.

Luna helped her parents announce the exciting news on Instagram. Chrissy asks her daughter what’s in here, pointing to her belly and Luna excitedly answers baby.

There had been speculation leading up to the announcement that Chrissy was
expecting, she had been pictured wearing more baggy clothes as usual and using her handbag to cover her midsection.

The couple has been very open in the past about their fertility struggles and spoke honestly that they were working on baby number two. Chrissy had even commented on occasion that she wasn’t pregnant yet.

It looks like the Legend brood had a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

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