Drea de Matteo Plays with Her Grandma’s Boobs in New Reality Series, ‘The Muthaship’

Sons of Anarchy star and all-around badass Drea de Matteo did the unthinkable: she signed up for a reality show. From playing with Nana’s boobs to working out with ass-less pants, the Emmy winner and her crazy, fun-loving crew are doing things “they ain’t never done before” on the new webseries, The Muthaship.

After enduring a tough year that saw her lose her father, go through a divorce, and experience financial issues, the actress and single mom is picking herself up and capturing all of her recent adventures with her smart phone. We’ve been getting peeks of the wild ride since October, but the show officially launched yesterday (Dec. 1). If you haven’t seen the series yet, here are some of Drea’s craziest yet realest moments thus far.

She works out with her (butt) cheeks out.


She admits that she had sex with her best friend from high school once. OK, twice.


She plays with her grandmother’s boobs.


(Let it be known that Nana is a cursing woman who DGAF.)


She almost gets attacked by a lama, then threatens its life.


And proceeds to ask if she can stick her finger you-know-where.


She tries yoga with J.Lo’s former hot yoga guru. But just signs up because he’s hot.


She reluctantly attempts to learn how to drive “the fuckin’ toy” she calls a car. It doesn’t go well.


She strips down to try “cupping therapy” for the first time.


Catch new episodes of The Muthaship on YouTube.

[Photo Credit: Beyond Reality]

Source: Drea de Matteo Plays with Her Grandma’s Boobs in New Reality Series, ‘The Muthaship’

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