EXCLUSIVE: Diana Madison’s Gender Reveal

Stylelab host Diana Madison and husband Raymond Attipa are set to welcome their second child — a boy — in mid December. The couple are already parents to 23-month-old daughter Collette.

In an exclusive gender reveal with Celebrity Baby Scoop, the media maven, 35, dishes on her second pregnancy.

As it turns out, it’ll be a boy this time around.

“My second pregnancy has been very different from my first,” Diana tells Celebrity Baby Scoop. “From cravings to my back pains.”

The fashionista has learned how to deal with the aches and pains of pregnancy.

“I recently started doing acupuncture to help me sleep at nights and with the lower back pain,” shares the style guru. “I also started doing pregnancy yoga which has been very helpful.”

And her pregnancy cravings have been “all over the place” while expecting her son.

“I’ve noticed since I carry my daughter Collette around a lot, and always have to run all over the house after her, I get tired much more quickly,” she admits. “My cravings have been all over the place. I’ve been craving a lot of burgers, tacos and pizza.”

Thankfully, the nausea hasn’t been too bad this time around.

“Luckily with this pregnancy I don’t have as much nausea as I had with my daughter Collette,” shares the expectant mama.

And she cannot wait to meet her baby boy.

“My husband and I are extremely excited as literally counting the minutes to meet our baby boy,” gushes the fashionista.

Watch for Diana on Glam Masters, which will start airing later this season on Lifetime.

For more from Diana, follow her on on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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