Gal Gadot On “Wonder Woman With A Bump”

Mom-of-two Gal Gadot covers the August issue of Rolling Stone and opens up about being pregnant with her second child — now 5-month-old daughter Maya — while filming Wonder Woman.

On filming the superhero movie while pregnant: “We cut open the costume and had this green screen on my stomach. It was funny as hell—Wonder Woman with a bump.”

On being a feminist: “People always ask me, ‘Are you a feminist?’ And I find the question surprising, because I think, ‘Yes, of course. Every woman, every man, everyone should be a feminist. Because whoever is not a feminist is a sexist.’” Gadot and her younger sister were taught “to believe that we’re capable, to value ourselves. I had a very sheltered kind of life. There was no TV-watching. It was always ‘Take a ball and go play.’ In general, I was a good girl, a good student, a pleaser and I was a tomboy, always with wounds and scratches on my knees.”

On Wonder Woman earning $800 million worldwide, making it the fifth highest-grossing film of 2017: “It just shows that the world was ready for a female-driven action movie…I didn’t want to play the cold-hearted warrior. We didn’t want to fall into the clichés.”

The actress will reprise her role as Wonder Woman in Justice League, costarring Ben Affleck (Batman), Ezra Miller (The Flash) and Jason Momoa (Aquaman), among others.

The actress, 32, and husband Yaron Versano are also parents to 5-year-old daughter Alma.

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Source: Gal Gadot On “Wonder Woman With A Bump”

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