How Chrissy Teigen Styled Her Fashion Outfits to Conceal Baby Bump

Celebrities often find their personal and professional lives are in conflict with one another. That becomes particularly true when the time comes for a well-known star to have a baby. The need to maintain the chic look for which she has become known over the years has challenged Chrissy Teigen to exert her utmost fashionista superpowers to keep her growing baby bump from becoming a distraction in the eye of the camera.

Of course, this is not a permanent effort to disguise the facts of life, but merely to extend the time in which she can carry out her assigned on-camera duties before taking the well-deserved maternal leave of absence. In her particular case, how Chrissy Teigen styled her growing bump is through a combination of color and drapery that does more than just distract from her midsection– it actually calls attention to it in some particularly well-chosen parts of her ensemble.

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The key element is that she is clearly not looking to deny or conceal her condition but rather to showcase how her natural beauty does not depend on any single part of her body. Instead, her choices reflect a quiet confidence that exudes a sense of inner peace and normality rather than any urge to distract the eyes of her many admirers.

One way in which Chrissy does this is through her elegant embrace of the all-black outfit. Black fashions are of course renowned for their ability to make any figure look svelte and stunning from all angles, but her outfit is pure style with its plunging neckline and daring thigh-high slit up the side of her gown. In short, it gives no hint that it is trying to conceal a baby bump, it just looks like, well, a beautiful woman who decided to wear black on this particular evening.

Another supremely effective look which she sports is her asymmetrical ruffled tunic dress in wow-me pink. This Balenciaga creation can hardly be pigeonholed as classic maternity fashion and is something that she will clearly wear long after her delivery date arrives. It is the art of fashion at its finest since it makes an effortless and confident statement of power and grace without exhibiting any sign of being overtly contrived for a purpose.

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While Chrissy clearly loves the all-black look for the early stages of her pregnancy, it may well be that she is just a true devotee of the monochromatic or near-monochromatic outfit. Even when she is not all in one color, her design choices are selected in highly complementary and closely related shades and fabrics that display her as a complete woman and not as a selection of stunning yet disparate pieces that boldly call for notice.

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Instead, she slips elegantly and effortlessly through the lens of the paparazzi as a confident whole in both personality and stylistic preference. Proud mom-to-be Chrissy Teigen gives everyone a fabulous lesson in how understatement can be as much of a fashion triumph as even the most daring of recent haute couture.

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