Jenny Mollen’s Attempt at Swaddling Her New Born Son

Actress and best selling author, Jenny Mollen, 38, got Instagram on fire this week when she shared photos of her swaddling her newborn baby, Lazlo. The experience was hilarious for a majority of her Instagram fans. “Swipe to the right for swaddling tutorials,” the caption read. According to the posts, the first one shows the little boy hanging in an awkward horizontal position, sleeping next to his mother’s chest.

Swaddling tutorial (swipe right)

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Though Lazlo in these posts is not aware of Jenny’s plan, subsequent photos display an unhappy young boy. The next photos show Lazlo’s discontent, hanging in an unfamiliar manner with a blue pullover around his head. Jenny Mollen is also shown in the post trying to wrap the sweater around the boy’s head. Nonetheless, Lazlo can’t help but voice his anger by crying, signified by a red face.

The Live Fast Die Hot author and her husband, actor Jason Biggs, 39, were blessed with little Lazlo this October. They also have another son together (Sid) who is three and a half years old. On Instagram, Mollen was swift to confirm that the rest of the family was okay by posting, “I, Dad, and Sid are doing great.” This is good news for her dedicated fans and Instagram followers. “Hello everyone, I am seated with Jason and Lazlo in the backseat,” Jenny indicated on the first post. The clip displayed how the young family was having quality family time at the back of their car on Thursday. Talking to her husband while panning the camera in the car, Jenny said, “Baby, you now have two boys.” Basically, to Jenny, there were a total of three boys against one female. “I know Baby,” Biggs replied.

The Journey

Since the acting couple announced the prospects of having their second son, the Life Happens actress has been open about the experience of the pregnancy and parenting. “It’s not a big deal to me considering I am so early,” Mollen told PEOPLE early in June. “I had to go through a C-section in the first experience because my doctor said I was not dilated,” Mollen continued. At the time, Orange is the New Black star also explained to PEOPLE that Sid was not aware that he was going to have a baby brother. “While it’s securely tucked and he doesn’t have to deal with a physical being, he is okay,” Biggs said. During the last six months of the pregnancy, Mollen was very open about her physical changes posting nude selfies of her bump.

She jokingly captions, “Can I keep my boobs?”  in a recent post that she made. At 38 weeks, Mollen would take selfies in her bathroom and she would say, “I have definitely outgrown the mirror.” Though the headlines on Instagram were “Jenny Mollen hilariously tries and fails to swaddle her baby”, the whole experience was great for the actress.

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