Kevin Hart & Wife Share First Pictures of Son Kenzo

Comedian Kevin Hart‘s wife Eniko Parrish recently gave birth to their first child.  In an Instagram post shared by Hart, the newborn, named Kenzo, was wide-eyed, swaddled in blankets and wrapped in his proud father’s arms. The snap was taken by the celebrated movie star’s wife and shared via both of their Instagram accounts. The adorable family moment hilariously included the couple’s dog Roxy, who according to Hart, would not leave the side of the new mom and infant.

In addition to the refreshingly candid shots of these early moments with their newborn, the couple also shared an original and heartfelt prayer that reads like a poem. This colorful blessing officially welcomes Kenzo into their lives and states the couple’s hopes for his sure to be positive future.

Kevin Hart, 38, is a popular comedian who regularly hosts his own nighttime comedy specials and live comedy shows. He is also one of the most prolific, comedic actors in modern cinema. He has appeared in a number of comedies, spoof movies, and kids’ movies. As a family favorite, he brings his own brand of prankish humor to the stage and screen. Given his ever-increasing popularity, Kevin Hart has found the intimate details of his personal life making their way into major headlines more frequently.

The good news for the public is that increased interest in his personal life has not caused the actor to shy away from the spotlight. Instead, he and his wife Eniko appear to be eager to share their good news with both family and fans alike. These first images of son Kenzo were taken in the couple’s home and show Hart and Kenzo in the baby’s nursery.

This is joyous news for a couple that has recently been the focus of media attention for far more unpleasant developments. Shortly, before the birth of the couple’s first child together, Kevin Hart was caught in a cheating scandal that involved blackmail, extortion, police inquiries and more. Determined to show a united front, however, the couple made numerous public appearances as the scandal played out in the media and even hosted an impressive, $1 million baby shower for their expected bundle of joy.

Now, all of this appears to be behind the duo as together, they appear to be decorating their Instagram pages with breathtaking snaps of their latest addition. Kevin Hart has a 10-year old son and a 12-year old daughter from a previous marriage. While this is Hart’s third child, Kenzo is the first child of Eniko Parrish.

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