Luisana Lopilato On Noah’s Battle With Cancer: “The Worst Is Over”


Michael Bublé and his wife, actress Luisana Lopilato, opened up their Vancouver-based home in a new interview with Argentinian TV host Susana Giménez.

The couple – who are parents to sons Noah, 3, and Elias, 17 months – talked about their elder son’s battle with cancer.

In the clip, Lopilato, 30, explains that she was filming a movie in Buenos Aires, Argentina, when Noah fell ill. At first, Lopilato was told by the doctor that Noah had the mumps and swollen glands. But, the preschooler’s pediatrician disagreed with the diagnosis and thought it might be an infection. After prescribing antibiotics, Noah underwent a series of tests.

“They ran lots of tests, blood analysis, everything,” Lopitalo recalls. “When they did an ultrasound, they said they found something in his stomach. [Doctors] told us they weren’t sure what it was, but it was a tumor.”

At the time, Bublé was in England in the middle of an interview, and the actress was forced to make an emergency decision.

“I couldn’t speak to him by phone. So I got on a flight,” she shared, adding that the family has a rule that if anything were to happen to them, they would travel to Los Angeles as a halfway point.

“Without speaking to Mike I took the flight,” she said, revealing that the singer’s close friend is an oncologist in Los Angeles. Fortunately, he was able to reunite with his family that same day.

After the diagnosis, Lopiloto and Bublé canceled all work commitments to focus on their family. They remained in Los Angeles for seven months while Noah underwent cancer treatments.

“There are things that happen in life that make you realize that the most important things that you think are important, really aren’t,” the mom-of-two shared. “The most important thing is to have faith and to be strong. There are nights that I still don’t sleep and I pray to God because it’s still a long process and the worst is over. Thank God.”

She added: “When I was down, my mom told me, ‘Be strong, your son will be fine.’”

The Canadian crooner, 41, first shared the shocking news of their son’s cancer diagnosis via Facebook on Nov. 4, 2016.

“We are devastated about the recent cancer diagnosis of our oldest son Noah who is currently undergoing treatment in the US,” Bublé wrote. “We have always been very vocal about the importance of family and the love we have for our children. Luisana and I have put our careers on hold in order to devote all our time and attention to helping Noah get well. At this difficult time, we ask only for your prayers and respect for our privacy. We have a long journey in front of us and hope that with the support of family, friends and fans around the world, we will win this battle, God willing.”

Source: Luisana Lopilato On Noah’s Battle With Cancer: “The Worst Is Over”

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