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Hilary Duff Admits Son Luca Was Hesitant

Hilary Duff Admits Son Luca Had a Hard Time Warming Up to the Idea Of Having a Sibling

Hilary Duff, 30, is anticipating the arrival of her second child, a baby girl, with boyfriend Matthew Koma. But the actress reveals her 6-year-old son Luca wasn’t sold on the idea of sharing his mother.

Duff recalled the conversation with her son when she broke the news that he would soon be a big brother. “The first conversation was pretty sad,” The Lizzie McGuire alum told AOL. “He was like, ‘Why?’ Because it’s been just us for six years!”

Any mother can sympathize with Hilary when it comes to telling their only child that life as they’ve known it is about to change. Adding a new member is a transition for everyone in the family and a mother never knows the reaction that their only child will have when they learn the news that a sibling is on the way.

Duff handled the situation like a champ and explained to her son that he has a new and very important role as big brother to uphold. “I was like, ‘Dude, you have no idea. This is going to be a really good thing for our family. Mom has so much room in my heart for you and a sister and you’re going to have so much fun watching her grow and teaching her things.’”

The Younger actress also sold the idea of a baby sister to Luca with the appeal that any 6-year-old boy would find as cool. “I also told him that babies are funny! I was like, ‘And I’m going to chase you around with her dirty diapers sometimes.’ And he was like, ‘Nooo!’ If I keep it lighthearted, then he has fun with it and I do think he’s excited,” she said. “He’s touching my belly now and saying ‘goodbye’ to her when he goes to school.”

Now that Luca is excited and ready to make room for his baby sister Hilary admits that she has some last minute nerves about becoming a mother to a girl. “Boy” is all the actress has known for the last six years but luckily she has her big sister Haylie to look to for guidance. Haylie recently welcomed her second daughter and is looking forward to holding her sister’s hand in the unknown territory she’s about to embark on.

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“To watch her be a mom of two is very different than being a mom of one, though,” Duff said. “It’s been cool to soak some of that up and see that that’s what is coming to me.”

We think you will do just fine Hilary, you got this!

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The Guncles: Advocates For Adoption

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Bill Horn and Scout Masterson (a.k.a. “The Guncles“) are proud dads to daughter Simone, who turns 4 in June. The Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood stars happily adopted their sweet girl, and are set to speak at Fertility Planit – a two day event taking place on April 4th and 5th at UCLA in Los Angeles – leading the conversation about adoptive parenting.

Bill and Scout open up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about their best tips for anyone on an adoptive journey, and the best advice they received from BFF Tori Spelling. They go on to talk about their “fun loving (part jokester) girl,” and the main way fatherhood has changed them.

CBS: Tell us about leading the conversation about adoptive parenting at Fertility Planit. Why did you choose to talk at this event? What is the event all about?

The Guncles: “We’re thrilled to be participating in Fertility Planit and speaking about open adoption. The adoption agency we work with, IAC, is also joining in on the panel, and we hope to be an inspiration to people thinking about starting the adoption process.

We’ll share about our experiences adopting Simone, and also about starting our second journey. We know that the attendees are searching for their journey path to becoming parents, and we hope that we can be role models (so to speak) for their consideration of adoption.”

CBS: Adoption can be a tedious process. What kind of advice can you give couples who feel like they’ve hit a dead end?

The Guncles: “Everyone’s adoption journey is different. Some people are placed with a birthmother and welcome a baby in under a year. Others are on their journey for several years.

We once met a very frustrated couple who had been on the books for over 3 1/2 years. It can be very difficult – the unknown. Our best advice is to just keep positive and keep marketing yourselves — freshening up your adoption website, swapping out older pics for newer ones.

We felt like it’d never happen for us at times, so we are very compassionate to those folks with longer journeys. One day, we were literally in tears, and our good friend (and Simone’s godmother) Tori Spelling, looked at us and said, ‘Don’t worry. I just know your baby is out there – and he/she will find you.’ We live by this saying and share it often. A short time later, we welcomed our beautiful Simone into our lives.”

CBS: How do you now if domestic or international adoption is right for you?

The Guncles: “For us, being a same sex couple, we knew that domestic adoption made the most sense. At the time, there were lots of regulations in place not allowing us to adopt internationally. We just wanted to give a baby who needed a home a beautiful life.”

CBS: The definition of family has evolved over the years. What advice would you give singles who want to pursue adoption?

The Guncles: “A close friend of ours, who is a single mom, adopted. We think every family is different – and who knows – a birthmother may be looking for a single mother (or father) to place the baby with.”

CBS: What kinds of resources are available to help families decide which route to parenthood is right for them?

The Guncles: “We think it’s great to check out websites like the IAC (Independent Adoption Center) and other sites like, who has a great ‘parenting advice’ section.”

CBS: Simone will be four in June! Will you have another big birthday bash?

The Guncles: “We will definitely celebrate Simone’s birthday in a big way. We love to throw parties, as events are a portion of our firm’s business.

Also, we love having our good friend, Jenny Keller (Jenny Cookies) come down to bake and help us create an amazing, fun day. Jenny has made Simone’s birthday cake (and amazing dessert tables) every year since Simone’s very first birthday. We joke that we hope she’ll come down from Seattle all the way through Simone’s 21st! FYI, Jenny has a new book coming out, titled, Eat More Dessert. It’s a must-have and amazing resource for creating fun desserts at home.”

CBS: Tell us a little about Simone’s personality. What is she into these days?

The Guncles: “Simone is such a fun loving (part jokester) girl. She loves to create and play with the basics. You won’t see her playing with many pre-made toys — she’s all about paper, kid scissors, and markers/paints right now. Last night she was making birthday crowns for all of her stuffed animals out of construction paper. (Bill Instagrammed a photo at @TheBillHorn).”

CBS: How has fatherhood changed you? What are your parenting styles?

The Guncles: “We think the main way fatherhood has changed us, is that we’d much rather be having a kids movie and family dinner with Simone than out at the new hottest restaurant, or at a bar meeting friends for drinks. Those days just don’t appeal to us anymore. It’s much more exciting to see Frozen and have a CPK salad [laughs].”

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See This/Skip That: From Non-Stop to Ernest & Celestine

02/28/2014 at 11:35 AM EST

From Non-Stop to Ernest & Celestine, here’s what to see and what to skip in theaters this weekend.

See This

It was Col. Mustard on the airplane with the candlestick. Yes, the fun of Non-Stop is that it’s like a hijack version of Clue, with a whole gang of suspects threatening to take out passengers on an international flight. The movie is so twisty, even its ostensible hero, played by Liam Neeson, is a person of interest.

Non-Stop reunites Neeson with his Unknown director, Jaume Collet-Serra, and it’s clear the two learned something from that half-hearted effort, since this latest outing is far more engaging. The action picks up with Neeson’s air marshal Bill Marks receiving spooky text messages as soon as his flight from New York to London takes off.

The gist: Someone on the plane will die every 20 minutes, unless the mysterious texter gets $150 million wired into a secure account. Marks doesn’t take the threat particularly seriously at first – how do you get away with murder at 30,000 feet, anyway? That’s a mistake.

The hijacker gets Marks’s full attention in short order, leading the ex-cop to go on a hunt for suspects. Is it the hot redhead, Jen (Julianne Moore), who changed seats to be next to him? The pretty flight attendant (Downton Abbey‘s Michelle Dockery) who’s a little too attentive? Or could it be one of the belligerent gents back in coach? (Um, they’re in coach. That’s enough to make anyone surly.) Here’s a scary thought for frequent fliers: What if it’s the air marshal, himself? Why not? He certainly looks capable.

With solid pacing, a wonderful knack for creating red herrings, and Neeson’s own middle-aged badass charisma, Non-Stop coasts at a comfortable altitude for a thriller that’s ultimately silly, but always entertaining.

Neeson and Moore make their characters likeable, but not exactly trustworthy, while a string of great character actors (Corey Stoll, Nate Parker, Scoot McNairy and Linus Roache) pass around suspicion like it’s a hot potato. The only miss is Oscar nominee Lupita Nyong’o as a flight attendant with absolutely nothing to do. Why waste such talent on a throwaway role? Still, if you’re looking for escapist fun this weekend, Non-Stop will get you there on time.

And Take The Kids to This

Ernest & Celestine
This delightful French-Belgian Oscar nominee gets an English translation this week that does nothing to dull the charm of the original. Rendered in a washed-out color palette and simplistic drawing style, Ernest & Celestine is an adorable confection about the bonds of friendship. The bonus is that it’ll let you introduce your kids to Lauren Bacall.

Artist Celestine (Twilight‘s Mackenzie Foy) is an outcast in her rodent orphanage, where she draws scenes of mice befriending their mortal enemies, the bears. The Grey One (a wonderfully menacing Bacall, as a rat who runs the orphanage) tells horribly scary stories about what evil bears do, putting the lie to Celestine’s fanciful pictures.

When Celestine is out collecting teeth in the bear village (think of mice as the tooth fairies of the animal world), she meets the starving Ernest (Laurence Fishburn), a street musician who’d just as soon eat her as befriend her. As it happens, they do strike up a friendship, and one that faces incredible tests from both their communities.

Fantastic voice performances fill the film, from the Fishburn and Foy’s odd-couple routine to Jeffrey Wright and Paul Giamatti as judges, Bill Macy as a rat dentist, and Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally as bear parents. True, Ernest & Celestine may not look or sound like big-budget American animated films, but that just makes the experience even more special.

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Rachel Zoe On Kai: “I’m In Love!”

The Weinstein Company & Netflix 2014 Golden Globes After Party

Rachel Zoe attended the The Weinstein Company & Netflix 2014 Golden Globes After Party on Sunday night (January 12). When E!’s Marc Malkin asked how she’s enjoying her newborn son Kai – she replied, “He’s two and a half weeks old and I’m in love!”

She added, “I’m so tired though that I’m seeing spots. But it’s easier the second time because it’s not the unknown, so it’s pretty incredible.”

On Friday (January 10) the celebrity stylist and her husband Rodger Berman took 21/2-year-old Skyler out walking around Beverly Hills.

The toddler looked adorable in yet – another stylish hat.

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