Throwback Pictures of Bar Refaeli and Her Baby Bump

In case you were wondering what Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli has been up to for the past couple of months, she just dropped a series of moonlit beach pictures to remind everyone that she was expecting a baby. While the series of snaps show a pregnant Refaeli looking pensively into the distance while she stands knee-deep in the ocean, they represent an earlier phase of her pregnancy.

On Oct. 20, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model and her husband, billionaire Adi Ezra, welcomed a second girl, into their family. Newborn baby Elle joins her 15-month-old sister Liv as the newest addition to the family. According to all reports, everyone is doing fine. Rafaeli’s rep confirmed the birth to People magazine.

The most interesting thing about the way in which Refaeli, 32, shares throwback photos of her baby bump is that they show a very private moment of one of the most widely-recognized people in the world. Despite being a supermodel and quite obviously pregnant, the actual focal point of the pictures is found not in her body or her growing maternal bump but in the way in which she gazes out into the ocean.


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In that regard, the pictures become an illustration of “what is she thinking about” as opposed to the typical Refaeli photoshoot, which is more about the glamorous life than about an inner journey. Especially in the ones where she is resting her arms across the life growing inside her, it makes one wonder if she is thinking about her baby and what sort of world she is about to enter into.

It is also somewhat unusual for someone to post such mementos after giving birth. Are these pictures merely a way of recapitulating and sharing the experience of her pregnancy with her many fans worldwide? Will there be any additional sets from other moments in the pregnancy that are offered for public viewing as these were?

Equally mysterious is the symbolism of moon phases that serve as explicatory commentary on each of the posts. No doubt many pundits are working to compose some sort of learned observations on the enigmatic imagery that accompanies the actual photos themselves. Indeed, it is very interesting to contemplate the many ways in which these offerings contain lots of non-visual or suggestive messaging that has yet to be fully explained.


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There is certainly more than just a bit of Mona Lisa-style mystery attached to these Instagram posts, and one can only hope that further enlightenment will be offered in the coming days. As it stands, they show a remarkable moment in time when a two lives intersect in the most natural and personal way there is and offer a glimpse into how those interlocking pieces are about to become even more joined together.


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It also makes one wonder if there will ever be a professional Refaeli photoshoot in the same location at some time in the future. What will she be thinking then as she revisits the scene of this moonlight excursion into the waves?

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