3 Creative Ways to Throw a Gender Reveal Party

Whether you are planning a gender reveal party for your first child or the third one, it is still an exciting event to plan. Gender reveal parties are becoming as popular as baby showers, with many parents to be choosing to invite friends and of course family members to their gender reveal party.

While there are some parents who already know the gender of their baby and are the ones who reveal it to their guests, others choose to entrust the gender to someone they know who will then plan how it will be revealed.

Whatever way you choose to do it, you will never run out of creative ideas on how to do the gender reveal party. Here are some tips and Gender Reveal Party Ideas on how you can plan a successful and stress-free party!

1. Pick a theme for the whole event – the first thing you should do is to choose the theme for the event. Any party, whether it is a birthday, a wedding, etc is easier to plan when it centers on a theme. The theme can be as simple as a color motif, or it can be something personal for the future parents, such as nautical if one parent is in the Navy, or perhaps an autumn party if the party will happen during that season. There are many themes to choose from. If you are having a hard time choosing, you can talk to your partner or, if you are a friend of the parents, ask them if they have any preference on what theme they would like to see for their party.

2. Involve your guests in the party – an interactive party is always fun, and there are many ways to get your guests more involved in the party. As soon as the guests arrive, you can have them take a guest on what the gender could be. You can make this creative, for example, have them choose the color of balloons, pink if they think it’s a girl, or blue if it’s a boy. Then, anyone who guesses correctly will be able to take home a prize.

3. Get creative when doing the gender reveal! – the most important part of this type of party is, of course, the gender reveals, and this is where you can really get creative. There are so many ideas you can see on the internet. The most common is having a cake and the parents would cut it to reveal the inside of the cake that will indicate pink or blue.

Another idea that is getting more popular is the Egg Russian Roulette, which always elicits a laugh from the guests. In this game. you will prepare a dozen eggs, six colored blue and six colored pink, with 11 being hard-boiled and one raw egg. The raw egg will be the gender of the baby. It’s always fun to see the parents trying not to pick the raw egg, but also being happy to find out which one will be the raw egg because it will be the gender of the baby.

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