Activists Honoured for Charity Work

Activists Honoured for Charity Work

The five women honoured to represent the campaign in support of International Women’s Day on March 8, 2012.  for their achievements were Aisha Kelaif, Lama Bazzari, Ebtisam Abdul Aziz, Saher Shaikh and Katrina Thornely. The ceremony was held yesterday at the Mall of the Emirates, the organiser of the campaign.

Abdul Aziz, an Emirati artist who was also honoured, actively supports Start, a non-profit organisation established by Art Dubai and Al Mahad Foundation that uses art to heal and educate poor children across the Middle East.

Shaikh said, “Platforms like this help bring the need for charitable contribution into people’s consciousness. So, it is a huge help in that way. This recognition isn’t the first for me. Neither is it a way of asking for help… we get huge amounts of it. What this recognition means is people should be inspired to look in their own backyard so to speak. They should reach out to their maid, gardener or the security guy who waves at them every morning — that’s really the principle behind Adopt-a-Camp.”

Source: Activists Honoured for Charity Work

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