Ali Fedotowsky Shares Her Son’s Name, The Story Behind It

Ali Fedotowsky-Manno and her husband Kevin Manno just had a little boy. The fans of The Bachelorette had been watching and waiting for her little boy to be born ever since Ali told them she was headed to the hospital. At first, they didn’t reveal his name, but now Ali is sharing all about the name that they picked for their son and the meaning behind his name. People shared what Ali shared about her new little boy. 

Ali shared all about it on her blog saying that their son’s name is Riley Doran Manno. They actually didn’t make a decision until after her son was born. It wasn’t easy for them to pick a name, which is something a lot of parents deal with when deciding on a name. This is also why they didn’t tell fans the name as soon as he was born. Ali shared about the trouble they had picking out a name.

“Welcome Riley Doran Manno to the world! It’s crazy because the last two months of my pregnancy, we kept going back and forth between Henry and Miles. I had suggested Riley (and kept it on my top 5 list) a few months back but Kevin wasn’t taking to it like I was. So I had kind of dismissed it since Kevin wasn’t feeling it. But after our little guy was born he just didn’t look like a Henry or Miles to us.”

After that, Ali went on to explain that her husband Kevin saw their son and thought Riley was the name for him, even though he didn’t like it as much as Ali at first. She revealed that people had told her that once she saw the baby the name would come to them and that was what happened for the couple. It sounds like the found the perfect name for him.

This name is actually a tribute to Ali and Kevin’s siblings. It sounds like the perfect name. She explained the details saying, “Riley (Ry for short) is honoring Kevin’s brother Ryan and my sister Raya (pronounced Rye-yuh). And Doran is my brother Michael’s middle name and my mom’s grandmother’s last name. So as you can see, little Riley Doran’s name is very special to us!”

Ali and Kevin also have a little girl who is two-years-old. Her name is Molly Sullivan and her name is a tribute to both Ali and Kevin’s grandmothers. They may have a bit of a theme going if they keep having children. 

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