April Love Geary Receives Harsh Criticism

April Love Geary Receives Harsh Criticism For Expecting So Soon After the Birth of Her Daughter

As reported earlier this week, singer Robin Thicke’s girlfriend is expecting the couple’s second child together. The model and her beau welcomed their daughter Mia just 6-months ago. The new mother made the announcement on Wednesday via Instagram that their daughter Mia would soon be a big sister.

But after revealing the happy news April Love Geary, 23, received major backlash from online trolls. The mommy-shaming began, people leaving hateful comments on April’s post. Geary was not only attacked for having a baby so close to her first but was under fire for not being married to her boyfriend Robin Thicke, 41, this far into the game.

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One person wrote, “Didn’t your doctor tell you, your body needs time to recover? You ruined the best years of your life.” Another bully who got the model’s age wrong judged her for “being only 21 and having no goals other than being pregnant TWICE in the same year.” While a third person chimed in saying she should have given her “body time to heal.”

April also got heat for having kids out of wedlock. One person left a comment, “Yes. Celebrate the fact that you’re having another child with your boyfriend. You losers should get married.”

The new mother didn’t sit back, Geary set the record straight to her haters writing, “Why are women so obsessed with telling me I need a ring? Getting married is the easy part, seeing how you are together AFTER having the babies is the hard part,” she wrote on Tuesday, August 21. “We’re in 2018. Not the 1950’s. Women don’t NEED to get married before having babies. Ya’ll need to chill.”

And that wasn’t the only record April set straight yesterday. The expectant mama confirmed that she and Robin were not trying to conceive so soon after their daughter Mia.

April Love Geary Q&A
Photo Credit: Instagram Story of April Love Geary

In fact, the new mother was on birth control when she found out she was expecting.

April conducted a Q&A on her Instagram Story on Wednesday and revealed when asked if her second pregnancy was planned she replied, “Nope!!! I started birth control and one morning I woke up nauseous.”

Geary also admitted that her reaction when she found out she was pregnant again was, “Holy s—t!! My doctor is amazing and says everything looks perfect right now,” she wrote. “I wanted to have them be close in age but it just happened to be very close in age haha.”

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