Busy Philipps Admits her Youngest Daughter is Struggling

Busy Philipps Admits her Youngest Daughter is Struggling With her Hectic Work Schedule

Busy Philipps, 39, is struggling with raw emotions going back to work. And like all working mothers, she is working with her youngest daughter Cricket, who is having a hard time with the transition.

“My little one is not used to me working this much,” Philipps told Us Weekly at a Tropicana Kids event in New York City on Tuesday, August 7. “She’s used to having me all the time,” she revealed.

The actress is back to the grind, filming her upcoming E! talk show Busy Tonight while also promoting her memoir This Will Only Hurt a Little. The Dawson’s Creek alum is living up to her name and adds being a mother to her two girls Birdie, 9, and Cricket, 5, to the mix she is one busy bee.

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Busy recalled when she was on set filming Cougar Town her youngest daughter was only 18-months old. And when she was working on her HBO show Vice Principals, her work schedule was only a two day a week gig. Now that Cricket is older, she notices her mother not around as much.

“It’s been a little bit of a transition, me going to work every single day. She doesn’t understand. [She is like] ‘Why do you have to work all the time?’”

Philipps explained to Birdie that her jobs give their family the financial stability and she is able to provide things such as private school and private gym classes through her work.

The timing of Busy going back to a pack filled work schedule didn’t help the issue at hand. Philipps admits that returning to her projects in the summer while her daughters are out of school has made the transition more noticeable. She is confident once her girls are back to school some normalcy will return to their household.

“I think it’s because I started working the show during the summer, it’s more noticeable,” she added that her youngest will “figure it out.”

And like any working mom, the actress has those times where she is flooded with guilt and feels like she is failing at motherhood.  “Sometimes I have those days where I’m like, ‘I was a bad mom today,’” she admitted. “I fall into that trap where you say the thing that you’re not supposed to say, as a mom.”

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