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Fashion Business is Family Business in Beirut

Azar Bachmouna is very famous in his home country Lebanon.In the Lebanon, he is very talented fashion desinger beloved by the celebrities and the people. He is very hard working Labenese dude whom work could be seen in his crafts.

One of the cool factors about the fashion designer is that his business is not just about him. As his mother and his sister are involved with the business too.

One of the beautiful celebrity that has work with and now she she appeared in his fashion show is Vivian Mrad, a songstress known throughout the Arab world. The most interesting part about the fashion designer is that his business not just just about him, but his mother and sister are also involved with the business too

As for his styles, they vary, but the themes of the debut fashion show was youth and casual, the two things that attract most women.

Source: Fashion Business is Family Business in Beirut

International Prize for Arab Fiction Announced

The International Prize for Arab Fiction (IPAF) is going to hold its sixth edition in Abu Dhabi next March.The annual literary prize was launched in 2007 to enlarge the limited international availability of high quality Arab fiction. It is run with the support of the Booker Prize Foundation in London and funded by the Emirates Foundation in Abu Dhabi.

Since the first prize was awarded five years ago, the award has become a leading cultural event and is respected for its commitment to Arabic independence, integrity and freedom of speech. As an English translation of the winning novel is guaranteed for the winner, the prize also aims to bring contemporary Arab voices to an international audience, which is especially important during these times of immense change in the Arab world.

In the prize’s first year, over 130 titles from 18 different countries were submitted for judicial review, a number which has continued to grow ever since. Each shortlisted author receives US $10,000, with the winner receiving a further $50,000.

The winner of the International Prize for Arabic Fiction 2012 will be announced at an awards ceremony that will be held in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday, March 27, 2012, on the eve of the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair.

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World First Muslim Model Agency Opens in New York

The launch of the world’s first Muslim model agency, in New York’s fashionable Tribeca district, offered an interesting alternative to the options presented at New York Fashion Week a few blocks uptown. A coming-together of a particularly stylish segment of the Islamic community in this cosmopolitan city, the event on Saturday night played host to everyone from a fully veiled woman in black abaya to dramatically coiffed fashionistas (and fashionistos) curious about a groundbreaking project.

The Underwraps modeling agency was set up by Brooklyn-based fashion designer Nailah Lymus earlier this month and was launched during New York Fashion Week.

Lymus, a clothing and accessory designer since 2004, has nourished her deep hunger for all things fashion at the youthful age of seven, using her talent to accentuate the natural allure of women. Even though she originally studied child development she interned at a clothing store, which led her to take up designing. Then she turned her hand to adult creations.

Being a self-taught designer equipped Lymus with all of the poise needed to showcase her gift amongst more seasoned designers. Recently showing at NYC Fashion Week 2011 and featured in Couture Fashion Week 2011, Lymus has established her name in the fashion industry. She forged a path for non-traditional approaches to Islamic fashion and custom. Now combining both of her passions – modesty and fashion – Lymus ventured into the world of modeling and launched the first global Muslim female model agency, merging the best of both worlds.

With two models currently on its books, the agency specialises in Muslim females and is considered the first agency of its type in the world. Lymus said she is looking to set up partnerships with agencies in the Middle East and welcomes applicants from wannabe models in the Gulf.

“I opened Underwraps to have an international presence. Therefore I am willing to sign model overseas if they truly have what I am looking for. I’m in the process of solidifying international model scouts since the headquarters for Underwraps is based in New York City,” she told Arabian Business.

Source: World’s First Muslim Model Agency Opens in New York

Emirati women to take up Antarctica challenge

Five women from Emirates going to accept the challenge on an expedition to Antarctica to change the stereotypes about women in the region.

Alia Al Khafajy, Anna Ayoub, Oshba Mubarak, Khadijah Al Muttawa and Yasmin Al Juwadri will first travel to Ushuaia in Terra Del Fuego, southern Argentina, along with 65 fellow explorers, where they will be trained for their expedition. Preparations will include activities such as trekking and hiking.

The five women are being sponsored by their employer, NBAD, for the expedition, which will be led by polar explorer and environmentalist Robert Swan starts from Feb 27 to March 12.

“Engaging UAE women in challenging experiences; giving them the opportunity to learn and develop their personal and leadership skills, and offering them a platform to have a positive impact on society is a key step to developing female leaders and is part of our commitment to supporting initiatives that contribute to the sustainable growth of the UAE, Hassan said.

“I believe the Emirati women joining the 2041 International Antarctica Expedition will advance international co-operation and understanding, promote the UAE’s culture, and highlight and serve as role models for environmental protection, he added.

The aim of the “2041 International Antarctica Expedition to highlight the effects of global warming and to ensure the continued protection of Antarctica from mining and exploitation beyond the year 2041.

Source: Emirati women to take up Antarctica challenge