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Some People are Praying for Prince George to be Gay

Is Prince George gay?  Are people hoping and praying that divine intervention will turn Prince George Gay?

It has been published in numerous articles over the past couple of days that we should all pray for Prince George, who is four years old, to be gay. The question is why?

Rev. Kelvin Holdsworth writes, “It would help the advancement of the LGBTQ rights in the Church of England.” Also, the idea is that it would influence the Church to support same-sex marriage.

Presently, a same-sex couple is not permitted to marry in the Church of England but is allowed to marry in most of Britain. The Scottish Episcopal Church, for example, leaves the decision up to their priests.

Holdsworth states, “it really should be up to the Archbishop of Canterbury to come to the decision what stance the Church of England takes on same-sex marriage.” Some of the more traditional church members are infuriated by Holdsworth’s words. They believe it is “unchristian” and “unkind” to pray for such a thing.

Why is Prince George’s Sexual Orientation a Thing Already?

Prince George is only a four years old child. Born into the Royal Family, he already lives a life under the microscope and scrutiny of the public. Gaven Ashenden, a Christian Episcopal Church missionary bishop, says “this does not have Prince George’s best interest at heart.”

People went onto Twitter speaking their own thoughts about such a controversial topic. One person tweeted, “putting pressure on the Prince to be gay will only do more harm than good.”

This hot topic comes at a very engaging time. Earlier in the week, Prince George’s uncle announced the much, anticipated engagement to his American girlfriend Meghan Markle.

Ms. Markle has been married once before. The couple notified the public that they are set to marry May in 2018. The wedding will take place at St. George’s Chapel. The church preaches marriage is for life. Only since the early 2000’s did the church allow divorced members to marry in the church and just in special circumstances.

It seems, in some aspect, the Church of England and the Royal Family is modernizing with the times.

Nobody can predict the future. It certainly looks like same-sex marriage could possibly be welcomed in the Church of England when Prince George is old enough to marry.


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Young, Famous and Rich: 10 Most Expensive Celebrity Baby Pictures

We love to know about the personal lives of our favorite actors, singers, and models. As a result, magazines, tabloids, and gossip sites are willing to fork over ridiculous amounts of money to get the exclusive rights to any information that their readers will enjoy. Celebrity baby pictures always create a buzz in the entertainment industry and earn the parents a fortune from magazines. The amount earned depends on how famous the parent is, how scandalous the pregnancy is or even depends on how secretive the parents were about the pregnancy. The most expensive celebrity baby pictures are:

1. Vivienne Marcheline and Knox Leon

Photo Credit: Pinterest

The photos of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s twins are the most expensive celebrity photographs ever. The famous couple made $14 million from the photos after they sold them to People magazine for the American rights and Hello! magazine for the European rights. The birth of the twins had been eagerly anticipated by the fans of Hollywood’s most famous couple and the two magazines were ready to spend big to land the exclusive photos. Angelina and Brad decided to donate all the proceeds to their charity organization, Jolie-Pitt foundation.

2. Max and Emme


When singer Jennifer Lopez and her then-husband Marc Anthony announced that they were expecting twins, everybody was excited. When J-Lo gave birth to the twins, People magazine paid her a whopping $6 million for the exclusive photos. At the time, they were the most expensive celebrity pictures before Angelina’s twins were born and claimed the throne.

3. Shiloh Nouvel

Photo Credit: Lifezette

Shiloh was the first biological child of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt and understandably, everyone was excited to see the power couple’s bundle of joy. People magazine paid the couple $4.1 million for the celebrity baby pictures. In line with their charitable nature, the couple donated the money to charities that help and benefit African children.

4. Levi Alves

Photo Credit: OK! Magazine

Levi is the son of Dallas Buyers Club star, Matthew McConaughey and his model wife, Camilla Alves. The couple received $3 million for the photos of their firstborn from OK! magazine.

5. Daniellyn Birkhead


Daniellyn is the daughter of Anna Nicole Smith and Larry Birkhead. She became the subject of major public intrigue mainly after reports emerged that her biological father was celebrity fashion photographer, Larry Birkhead and not attorney, Howard Stern. Larry initiated a paternity suit which later confirmed him as the real father. This created a very high demand for the girl’s photographs and OK! magazine forked over $2 million for them.

6. Pax Thien


Yet another big-money baby photo for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Pax was adopted by the couple in 2007 from an orphanage in Vietnam. They then sold the photos of the baby to People magazine for $2 million. It is reported that they made an undisclosed amount by selling the same photos to the UK magazine, Hello!

7. Honor Marie Warren


A few months after she married Cash Warren, the Dark Angels star, Jessica Alba,36, announced her pregnancy and everyone waited with baited breath to see her daughter once she was born. The beautiful baby photos were sold to OK! magazine for $1.5 million.

8. Max Liron Bratman


Max is the son to pop singer, Christina Aguilera, 36, and her then-husband, Jordan Bratman, a music marketing executive. Aguilera’s popularity made the baby’s photos to be in very high demand with everyone wanting a glimpse of the star’s cute son. People magazine attained the exclusive shots after paying Aguilera $1.5 million.

9. Harlow Winter


Harlow Winter’s baby photos earned her parents, television personality and socialite Nicole Richie, 36, and singer Joel Madden, a cool $1 million. The controversial socialite, who is best friends with fellow socialite Paris Hilton, is always the subject of public interest and her firstborn’s photos were a must-have for gossip blogs and tabloids. People magazine earned the exclusive rights after paying the couple $1 million for their celebrity baby pictures.

10. Maddie Briann Aldridge

Photo Credit: OK!Magazine

Maddie is the daughter of Jamie Lynn Spears, 26, the younger sister to the famous pop singer, Britney Spears. Jamie was only 17 when she gave birth to little Maddie, whose father is Casey Aldridge. her then boyfriend who was 19 at the time. The controversy surrounding the birth and the hot topic of teenage pregnancy led OK! magazine to pay Jamie $1 million for the exclusive baby photos.

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Foxy Brown Shared the First Picture of Her Adorable Baby Girl, So Brace Yourself For Major Baby…

Foxy Brown confirms the birth of her daughter via Instagram.
Source: Foxy Brown Shared the First Picture of Her Adorable Baby Girl, So Brace Yourself For Major Baby…

Sara Haines Expecting Baby No. 2


Congratulations are in order for Sara Haines and Max Shifrin.

The View co-host, 39, and her husband are expecting their second child – a girl – she announced on The View Tuesday morning.

As “Hot Topics” kicked off, moderator Whoopi Goldberg revealed that someone had big news to share.

After some anticipation, Haines went on to reveal her second pregnancy.

“You guys want to know what I’m having? It’s a girl! It’s a girl!” Sara shared before being showered with pink silly string. “You guys knew. I’ve been having a rough time so I’ve had like crackers brought out to me and ginger ale.”

She added: “To anyone that’s been in the studio audience, you probably could have picked up on it as well.”

The baby girl will join 15-month-old big brother Alec Richard.

Congratulations to the Haines-Shifrin family!

Source: Sara Haines Expecting Baby No. 2

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