Celebs That Choose Not to Share Their Kids Faces

Why So Shy? Celebs That Choose Not to Share Their Kids Faces on Social Media

When you’re a celebrity it seems like your life is on display, even your kids. But thanks to social media outlets like Instagram, celebrities are able to take back some of their privacy by sharing their personal lives without feeling like their exploiting their children while still staying connected with fans. Here are some celebs that take a little extra precaution when on social media.

Halle Berry

The mother of two has always shied away from showing her children’s faces on social media. But the Oscar winner had a change of heart recently when vacationing in Bora Bora. The actress shared a rare photo of her 4-year-old son Maceo-Robert’s face. Why the sudden decision to share her kiddos with the world of social media?

When your not so little boy takes YOU for a ride!

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Berry explained to Extra on her reasoning and it wasn’t an easy decision for the 51-year-old mother,  “I really don’t like to show my kids very much … but I do realize … my people are, like, solid for me and me for them and I feel like I want to include them. But it’s a fine line because I don’t want to exploit my children … I want to protect my children, so I thought, ‘Half the face is good.’”

Kylie Jenner

The social media queen wasn’t at all shy once she welcomed her daughter Stormi back in February. The proud new mama couldn’t wait to share her baby girl with the world whom she shares with beau Travis Scott. But the lip kit queen flipped the switch when Jenner, 20, started receiving negative comments on her feed about Stormi. Kylie went into ‘Mama Bear’ mode and deleted all of her daughter’s photos that showed her face. A source at the time said that the makeup mogul was upset over the negative comments people were making about Stormi.

angel baby

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Shortly after Kylie took charge over the situation after a follower asked why she’d “cut her baby out” of a recent selfie and Jenner fired back by responding, “Yeah I cut my baby out. I’m not sharing photos of my girl right now.”

Jenny Mollen

The actress and author is an open book when it comes to her mom life, often posting hilarious snaps from her daily struggles of being a mom of two boys. Mollen, 39, recently revealed on her Instagram why she hides her 4-year-old son Sid’s face but that same rule doesn’t apply to her 6-month-old son Lazlo.

“I don’t post Sid‘s face bc my account is public and not only do I not want him recognized, harassed or interrupted in his daily life,” Mollen wrote.  “I also don’t think its fair to expose him without his knowledge and understanding.

Mollen went on to share that soon enough Lazlo’s face will be kept only for his family to see stating, for now, he, is still just a head, doesn’t leave the house and is morphing on a daily basis. But soon I will be blocking his face too. Thanks for your understanding.”

Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana, 40, and husband Marco Perego, 39, have found the perfect balance between sharing their three boys Bowie, Cy, both 3, and Zen, 13-months with their following. They continue to live their lives and share it on social media but not at the expense of their kiddos. The couple consciously posts pictures that hide their boy’s faces and Zoe doesn’t plan on changing her mind anytime soon.

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“I just don’t want 16 years from now to get, ‘You are so disrespectful. You invaded, you exposed me and I wasn’t ready,’” Saldana told E! News. “Even though they’re babies and they’re under our care, it’s still their face.  Right now, they’re not in the position to speak for themselves or make a decision … I don’t want to make it for them.”

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