Chrissy Teigen Is Already Talking about Baby No. 3

Pregnant Chrissy Teigen is skipping ahead and talking about her plans on going for a third child.

The model who is pregnant with her second child, a boy, isn’t due for another four months. But Teigen plans on wasting no time and her wishes are to have ‘back to back’ babies.

The 32-year-old spoke to US Weekly and revealed she plans on having more children with husband John Legend soon after she gives birth to her second child. The Lip Sync Battle host would rather have all of her children first than do the work on getting her body back.

“I think I do want to have another baby after this and then get hot. I just want to go, babies, back to back, but then I think maybe I want to have my 30’s, really live in my 30’s and not just be pregnant throughout them,” she stated.

And her 39-year-old musician hubby John Legend is all in on the plan. The singer loves his wife’s pregnancy body!

“I have a husband who truly loves the whole experience. He holds my belly at night, sings to it, wants to be there for me,” she gushed. “I’m really lucky because some men start to look at you like a tool, I’ve heard, so I’ve been scared and don’t let that happen to me! But it hasn’t and it’s really good.”

The cookbook author is stumped when it comes to choosing a name for her little guy. Chrissy Teigen admitted she and John still have no boy names, “We are doing horribly. We didn’t even pick out Luna’s name until three days in the hospital when they told me I’d have to go down to the courthouse and I didn’t want to go down there after I had just given birth.”

Luna’s on set! #jesuschristsuperstar

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She continued saying, “But it’s tough for boy names. It’s harder. I have an arsenal of girl names, but between John and I, we feel that we know somebody with every name that we try to pick out.”

We’re sure you two will think of a name soon enough and maybe you should start thinking of baby number three names now?

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