Creating the Perfect Atmosphere for Your Baby to Sleep

Designing and decorating your baby’s nursery is fun and exciting. But some new mother’s forget that the purpose of a nursery is to create an environment that is serene and soothing so you and your baby can get some sleep. Here are some pointers to keep in mind when you’re putting together your first nursery.

Know your light source

Babies sleep a lot and that means during the day too. If your babies nursery gets a lot of natural light during the day invest in some blackout shades so you can block the light out when your child is napping. Another important thing to consider is at night. Light can stimulate your baby and keep him or up. Make sure the nursery has only enough light so you can safely go in and check on your little one without disturbing them.

Baby, it’s cold

Room temperature is key for your babies night sleep. Nobody likes to sleep if it’s too cold or too hot. The recommended temperature for a child’s nursery is between 68 and 72 degrees. Make sure your thermostat is working properly and is on point.

I Spy

Nowadays it’s a norm to have a baby monitor, one of the perks being a parent in today’s day and age. Invest in a baby monitor, it limits the number of times you have to go in and check in on your little one and risk waking them up from a deep slumber. Baby monitors today will even track your child’s sleeping patterns which can help out first-time mother’s to better understand their baby.

Set up a “Mom” space

Kids room renovation ideas
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Yes, it’s your babies room but you too will be spending a lot of time in your babies nursery so why not make a comfortable spot for yourself. Invest in a comfy rocking chair or glider. Rocking your child to sleep at night should be enjoyable not just for your infant but for you too.

Pick a color

One of the biggest decisions when designing your babies room is what color scheme to go with. We suggest choosing a warm color palette like blushes or earth tones. Going with bright color can overstimulate your child and can become hard for your baby to relax.


If you have a busy household or live on a noisy street those noises can disturb your child’s sleep. Think about investing in some soothing music to put on while your baby is napping, we suggest nature sounds or ocean sounds. Your child will sleep like a baby and you won’t have to ask the other members of your household to put their life on hold while the little one sleeps.

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