Exclusive Interview: Jeremy Ray Valdez of ‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Talks Fatherhood, Being A Working Dad

Jeremy Ray Valdez is a new face on the hit CBS soap opera The Bold and the BeautifulCelebrity Baby Scoop got the chance to talk to Jeremy exclusively this week and find out how he is juggling life as a soap star with a new baby boy at home. Jeremy is playing the role of Detective Alex Sanchez and his character has been busy trying to find out who shot Bill Spencer. This looks like it is going to be a case that takes a while to solve. 

Jeremy’s son Griffin Cayson Valdez was born on February 7, 2018, at 2:30 p.m. Jeremy is loving being a dad but did admit that they are dealing with the “sleep factor” right now and he loves to use the hashtag #teamnosleep to describe his life right now. This little human is now in charge of everything, but the actor seems totally okay with it being that way. 

His son is seven-weeks-old now and Griffin was born while Jeremy was already working on The Bold and the Beautiful. He shared that he got done with a full day of filming at 9:00 p.m. and his wife called and let him know she was at the hospital in labor. Their son wasn’t born until the next day. Jeremy was planned to shoot that day, but he was able to take the day off and return to work the day after his son was born. Unlike some actors, Valdez is very lucky because he gets to go home to his wife and child every night. He shared that CBS is a very short drive from his house. 

When it comes to having more children, they have decided on the “one and done” theory. They are very happy to have their beautiful baby boy. Jeremy revealed that he has a lot of cousins to grow up with, so it isn’t like their son will ever be lonely. 

Happy Valentines Day to my wife, life partner, ride or die and Griffin’s mommy!

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Right now, the show is on a break and of course, Jeremy can’t spoil if his character will be sticking around no matter how hard we tried to get it out of him. He said that he went into this role hoping for long-term. As Jeremy mentioned, there is always someone who needs to be arrested on the show. He has already been filming The Bold and the Beautiful for a few months. Jeremy says that everyone is “cool” there and it is like one “big family.” He loves working with this group of people.

Jeremy Ray Valdez is focused on being a dad and spending time with his family right now. He is working on The Bold and the Beautiful but is also a writer and photographer. If you want to keep up with what he is doing check him out on Twitter and Instagram for updates. You can find out what he is doing next and of course, see cute pictures of his son Griffin.

Don’t miss watching Jeremy Valdez in the role of Detective Alex Sanchez weekdays on CBS. Hopefully, this character will be around for a while.

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