Find Out What Window Blinds Have Been Banned For the Safety of Your Child

Corded window blinds have officially been banned from store shelves and it’s being done for the safety of your child. Corded window blinds have been kept in the dark as a major hazard to your child. But the era of corded blinds has finally ended.

As of this month, all corded window blinds will be taken off the shelves at your nearest stores around the U.S.

The Window Covering Manufacturers Association is requiring all stock window blinds to be designed cordless or with an inaccessible cord. Child safety advocates are celebrating the decision that has been long overdue.

According to a study that was published in the magazine Pediatrics 225 children died after a variety of window cord related deaths between 1990 and 2015 while 16,800 kids were reported to end up in the ER due to window cord injuries.

Dr. Gary Smith a study senior researcher told Health Day last December, “We’ve known about this risk for over 70 years, yet we’re still seeing children strangled by these products. It’s just unacceptable.”

Smith also revealed his frustration with the window manufactures for dragging their heels with the decision. According to Smith this change could of went into effect a year ago.

To date, an average of one child dies a month due to window cord injury. It may have taken 70 years but we are happy to hear that change has finally arrived for the safety of children everywhere.

If you’re a parent that is going to go out and replace all the blinds in your home here are some tips to look out for. Look for the “Best for Kids” certification label on the packaging.

If replacing all the blinds in your house at once will break the bank experts recommend starting with the rooms in your house that your kids spend the most time in first.

If you’re renting and it states in your lease that you are not permitted to remove the window coverings experts suggest talking to your landlord. Explaining to your property manager about the new law in place and the potential safety hazard will sure help win your case.

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