Hilaria Baldwin’s Maternity Shoot

Hilaria Baldwin’s Maternity Shoot and Her Three Children Join

Hilaria Baldwin is nearing the end of her fourth pregnancy. The fitness guru gave an exclusive interview to People Magazine while on the set of her maternity shoot. And she let her three kiddos come along for the ride.

Baldwin’s namaste attitude to parenting has been a learning curve and she has come to the realization you just have to go with the flow, “We make it fun. We don’t have an agenda,” she revealed. “The moment when I try to make my kids line up, which I will try sometimes, it never works out. Just playing, capturing them in their element. It’s more about creating a relaxed environment.”

Hilaria is expecting her fourth child with actor Alec Baldwin, 60. The couple already shares three children together, Carmen, 4, Rafael, 2, and Leonardo, 19 months. And the 34-year-old soon to be a fourth-time mom hasn’t taken this pregnancy for granted.

Hilaria explains, “It’s such a magical time of waiting. It can be difficult in some ways, it can be uncomfortable in some ways, but it’s this magical time, and capturing that each time around has been incredible because it goes so quickly. The baby comes out and all of a sudden that belly starts to shrink, so it’s been quite special.”

And it has been insightful to watch her children process the concept of their mama growing another baby inside of her. Baldwin opens up on how her children are grasping the process at their different ages. “It’s been interesting over the process of my pregnancy to watch Rafael start to understand there’s a baby in my tummy. I don’t know if he quite understands it-the reality that’s going to come. I don’t think he remembers when Leo was born but he’ll lift up my shirt and say, ‘There’s a baby in your belly. Baby come out.’”

She goes on to reveal that her eldest Carmen understands the process the best and shows her nurturing side to her soon- to- be-brother, “Carmen understands it a little bit more. I love when she’s nuzzled towards my belly. I feel like that’s very her and she’s very nurturing.”

Hilaria Baldwin is in nesting mode but there hasn’t been much-needed preparation for her impending third boy, “It’s my third boy in less than three years so there wasn’t a lot to do. Hand-me-downs from my other children. I’m recycling the crib from before so it was a very easy thing.”

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