Jackson Roloff Bonds With Their New Puppy

Not long ago, Tori Roloff of Little People, Big World teased her husband that she wouldn’t be having another child until they got a puppy. At the time, Zach acted like there was no way that this was happening. He felt like having a puppy would be more work than a baby, but Tori wanted one either way. Now, they have added Murphy to the family and their son Jackson already has a new best friend.

In Touch Weekly even shared that the entire group just recently went on their first family vacation as a family of four. They took Murphy along with them to have a good time. The fans were just introduced to him one week ago. Their road trip was to California and it looked like a good time. When they first announced they were getting a puppy, Tori teased it like a baby might be on the way. It was a big announcement, but only one about a puppy joining the clan.

During the trip, Tori Roloff went to her Instagram and shared a few photos on her story of the puppy. Murphy seemed to do great and was just sleeping while they were on the trip and sitting up enjoying it. A lot of people aren’t brave enough to take a puppy on the road, but they weren’t leaving their new little friend behind.

Hopefully, this means that Tori and Zach Roloff will be sharing that they are expecting a second baby soon. She got her puppy now maybe Zach will get the child that he wants. These two make great parents and you know Matt and Amy Roloff would be thrilled to be grandparents once again. 

There have been rumors that Tori was pregnant, but she has denied those more than once. Amy even denied them. It looks like a puppy is all that they have for now, but they love having a new puppy in their life. As you can see below, Jackson seems to really enjoy spending time with his new best friend. 

Jackson is pretty happy about Murphy. They are already great pals!

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Don’t miss watching Tori and Zach Roloff on Little People, Big World when the show returns for another season. It may not be back until next year, but Tori and Zach have already confirmed that they will be back again even if Audrey and Jeremy have decided to move on from the show. Things will be different, but Little People, Big World must go on.

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