Jena Malone On “Motherhood, Depression & Self Worth”

In a candid post, The Hunger Games star Jena Malone posted a blurry photo with 1-year-old son Ode Mountain via Instagram.

“Motherhood, depression and self worth. I don’t have anything beautiful to say. Except that this struggle is real,” the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice star, 32, captioned the image.

She added: “The sharp edges are too much to hold without compassion. I’m struggling with this . Compassion for myself and this moment of growth in my life. I know I am not alone in this. I guess I just needed to share, in hopes of being seen and feeling not so very much alone.”

Last week, she shared a snapshot sitting on a stoop with her baby boy.

In June, the Stepmom star announced that she and fiancé Ethan DeLorenzo were going off the grid with their baby boy and planning to live in their van.

“Fixing our vanagon up to make her a small and wonderful temporary home. Driving north till we find affordable land to tend and grow on. Be it land we buy, land we communally own or land that is gifted toward sustainable stewardship. If you have any energy, insights or offerings towards our journey DM me. We love you. Jena, Ethan and Ode,” she wrote.

Malone and DeLorenzo welcomed their first child in May 2016.

Source: Jena Malone On “Motherhood, Depression & Self Worth”

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