Jessica Simpson’s Son Brings Dad’s Football Helmet to Show and Tell

Jessica Simpson‘s son modeling his dad’s football helmet for show-and-tell made social headlines recently. In fact, her 4-year old son, Ace Knute is a true “Daddy’s boy”; At a recent show-and-tell at school, young Ace donned his dad’s old football helmet for his teachers and classmates. Simpson, 37, posted an Instagram video of the class presentation.

His Dad, of course, is Eric Johnson, who was a former NFL tight end with the San Francisco 49ers. Johnson also played for the New Orleans Saints before retiring from gridiron in 2008.

Daddy Johnson gave his son the helmet for his presentation at school. Suffice to say, all of Ace’s classmates and teachers were in awe of this awesome helmet, and who knows if Ace may follow in his Dad’s footsteps and become a great NFL player someday.

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Before plopping the helmet on his head, Ace told his class that he too loves and plays football. Mother Jessica was brought to tears as she saw her son pay homage to his Dad. While the helmet, of course, was a bit big for Ace, it was one of the cutest spectacles of the day! Many cameras were on hand to capture young Ace try the helmet on, and he also allowed his friend to try on the helmet as well.

With football as one of America’s main pastimes, there is nothing cuter than having your son wear your old sports helmet. Not only can he learn more about football, he can also be proud of your achievements and accolades in life. Such is the case with Ace who now wants to become a professional football player when he gets older.

While Jessica Simpson is known for her stunning looks and singing talents, she is also a die-hard football fan. Her husband, Eric also loves football even though he is retired from the game. According to both parents, Ace shares their passion for football and loves most sports in general. Show and tell – at countless schools across the nation – is a time for kids to interact with other classmates and share something that means something to them. These presentations also help build character, which stays with them well into their teen and adult years. Young Ace could’ve easily showcased his action figures or the latest video games. Instead, he wanted to show his friends the wonderful gift his Dad gave him, one that will surely be cherished for years and decades to come.

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