Kate Hudson’s Son Cuts His Own Hair

Deepwater Horizon star Kate Hudson, daughter of legendary actress Goldie Hawn, has a thing about hair. Not only has the Hollywood actress shaved her own head, but she has recently allowed her young son to give himself a rather unusual haircut that appears to be a 1960s throwback.

Kate Hudson’s son Bingham gives himself a classic Rod Stewart haircut in a new video clip that the movie star has posted on her social media sites. In the brief loop, the 38-year-old Hudson’s son is seen in slow-motion meticulously chopping off his long locks. The result is an uncanny hairdo that recalls the early days of vocal legend and rock icon Rod Stewart.

Hudson noted that she loved the 6-year-old’s new look, and there’s a good reason for that. Hudson recently had to buzz her own head for a movie role, so is obviously happy to see anyone with a stylish head of hair.

For her new film, Sister, Hudson sports the buzz cut to play the central character from the short-story Chandelier penned by Australian singer Sia. The micro-script was later developed into a full-blown movie script that is expected to showcase the incredible acting talents of Hudson.

Having very short hair, especially for a woman who is known for her fulsome locks, has not been all bad for Hudson. She recently opined in a long-form interview that a buzz cut is actually quite convenient for anyone who works out regularly. Hudson, co-founder of Fabletics, is a physical fitness enthusiast and happily declared that short hair is the perfect style post-workout, primarily because it’s so much easier to wash up. Hudson was surprised at how much time she saved not having to attend to long, styled hair. With the minimalist haircut, she’s able to workout and shower in a jiffy, no need for blow-dryers and hairy hassles.

Even though Hudson certainly enjoys her new convenient cut, she nevertheless tends to don a wig or hat when she leaves home, hoping to keep the ultra-short haircut under wraps. It’s one thing to prepare for a movie role, and quite another to sport a buzz cut just for the fun of it.

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