Liam McDermott Is A Deodorant Wearing Dude

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Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott‘s eldest child Liam, 5, seems to have a  great track record in the saying or doing something funny department. In a recent post to, mama Tori shared this snapshot of little Liam flashing the universal peace sign while applying some rather adult product to his armpits.

“After Liam’s bath last night I couldn’t find him,” Tori writes. “I looked for him everywhere. Finally, when I came into our bathroom, I found him wearing his pajama bottoms with his pajama top in hand while putting Dean’s deodorant on under his armpits.”

When asked what he was doing, the couple’s little “monkey” promptly replied, “Mom. Listen. I put on Dad’s deodorant every night so my armpits don’t smell. Last year when I was 4 my armpits smelled. So now I use it. I’m a big guy!”

Liam proceeded to put on his pajama top and raise his arm to allow his mother to smell his lightly scented arm pit.

“Then he gave me a thumbs-up and walked past me down the hall back to his room.”

Tori and Dean are also parents to Stella, 4, and 10-month-old Hattie and currently expecting baby number four in September.

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Source: Liam McDermott Is A Deodorant Wearing Dude

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