Matt Damon’s Daughter Was Stung By A Jellyfish

During a Thursday appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, actor Matt Damon opened up about family life with wife Luciana Barroso and their daughters Alexia, 18, Isabella, 11, Gia, 9, and Stella, 7.

The Suburbicon star, 47, opened up about their Australian vacation to visit Chris Hemsworth and his family-of-five in April.

The Good Will Hunting star shared that Stella was stung by a jellyfish during their trip Down Under.

“It was the worst thing,” said the father-of-four. “Even Chris said, ‘Mate, that’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my life.’ It was really bad.”

The sea creature’s tentacles latched onto his daughter and they had to pull it off.

“This thing literally wrapped around her,” he said. “I could show you pictures that would turn your head. She had these … looked like shoelaces, kind of, red shoelaces around her body.”

When DeGeneres asked if Damon peed on his daughter to ease the sting of the jellyfish, the actor shattered that myth. As it turns out, paramedics recommend using hot water instead.

That said, “she peed on me enough in her life,” joked Damon.

The Jason Bourne star also talked about his good friend, Academy Award-winner George Clooney, who recently became a father to now-4-month-old twins Ella and Alexander.

“It took him into his 50s, but I think he grew up finally,” he laughed. “He’s loving it, he’s great. He’s a lot calmer than I thought, with twins [especially] — that’s a lot of work.”

Now that the twins are eating solid food, it sounds like Clooney, 56, is trying to find another dad duty.

“He’s trying to get off diaper duty now because that’s a whole other level,” Damon said. “He was like, ‘Diapers are easy!’ and I was like, ‘Wait for it.’ ”

But don’t expect him to dole out any parenting advice.

“The twins thing — people would say, ‘Do you give him advice?’ and I went, ‘No!’ ” he said. “I mean, two babies at once — that’s horrific.”

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