Reese Witherspoon: “Talk To Your Kids About Ambition”

Academy Award-winning actress Reese Witherspoon covers the October issue of Glamour and opens up about family life with husband, talent agent Jim Toth, and her three children — daughter Ava, nearly 18, and sons Deacon, 13, and Tennessee, 4.

On encouraging her kids to be ambitious: “We have to do our part to change the idea that a woman with passion and ambition is only out for herself. So talk to your kids about ambition as a positive trait in men and women.” 

On recognizing her privilege as a white woman: “Another thing I think about a lot is how it feels to be a minority woman in America, so rarely seeing yourself onscreen, and it’s unconscionable. When I asked Mindy Kaling, ‘Don’t you ever get exhausted by always having to create your own roles?’ she said, ‘Reese, I’ve never had anything that I didn’t create for myself.’ I thought, Wow, I feel like a jerk for asking that; I used to have parts that just showed up for me. I can’t imagine how hard it is to write your own parts and simultaneously have to change people’s perceptions of what a woman of color is in today’s society.”

On her advice to single women on the dating scene: “Run away from a man who can’t handle your ambition. Run. So many men think ambition is awesome and sexy!”

On misogyny in Hollywood: “I’ve also had studio heads say to me, ‘We don’t want to make biopics about women,’ or more simply, ‘We’re not interested in female-driven material.’ (My first go-round as a producer with Gone Girl? Every studio passed but one. When the book hit number one on the best seller lists, it was a different story.)”

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Source: Reese Witherspoon: “Talk To Your Kids About Ambition”

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