Ryan Seacrest’s Co-Host Sisanie Expecting Twins

On Air with Ryan co-host, Sisanie, recently announced that she is expecting twins. Getting loud cheers from the studio audience on the show, Sisanie made the announcement this week and ended a lot of speculation. Some had wondered whether she was keeping a “family” secret from the crew when she began showing what appeared to be a baby bump recently. But many assumed she would have broken the big news.

Sisanie and her husband were reluctant to celebrate when they first learned that she was expecting. An earlier miscarriage had been a tough ordeal for the couple, and they were afraid that if they celebrated too early it might jinx this pregnancy. But after Sisanie made it through the first trimester without incident, the couple figured it would be a great time to make the big announcement. And that meant doing so on the air, for all the world to hear.

Ryan Seacrest, the anchor of the eponymously-named show, was so stunned that he immediately congratulated his co-host and her husband on air, and announced that he would be calling Kelly Ripa to give her the news at once.

The co-host said she and her husband were quite surprised when they found out the pregnancy news but were doubly elated when the ultrasound revealed they’d be welcoming two babies into the family. Sisanie explained to everyone that they could have guessed she would soon be bringing twins into the world, based on the size and early appearance of such a large “bump.” To show like that, according to Sisanie, so early in a pregnancy is a sure sign of multiple babies on the way.

Sisanie’s family has a long history of twin births, so the news was actually not such a huge surprise after all. The co-anchor feels that she’s being blessed with two babies as a sort of karmic repayment for having lost one already. There might be some truth to that idea, based on her history and the couple’s strong wish for another baby.

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