‘Southern Charm’ News: Cameran Eubanks’ Daughter Has Doll of Shep Rose

On Southern Charm, Cameran Eubanks has made it very clear that she is close with Shep Rose. These two hang out a lot. Cameran just had her first child Palmer and her husband isn’t featured on the show at all. He is busy doing his own thing and just doesn’t want to be on reality television. It looks like Shep may be the guy we see around Palmer on Southern Charm.

Well, it turns out that Cameran’s daughter really likes Shep. She likes him so much that she has a Shep doll she plays with and seems to love. Shep did want to be Palmer’s godfather, but maybe instead he is just the favorite. She will be one next month and she has taking a liking to Shep. Check out her little Shep Doll below. 

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Oh no…

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Hopefully, Palmer likes Shep as much as she likes this little doll. It will be interesting to see Cameran Eubanks as a mom when Southern Charm returns. Hopefully, she will have her daughter on the show since her husband doesn’t do it. 

It does turn out that Shep is great with children. He doesn’t have any of us own just yet and also doesn’t seem to be in a rush to have them. His show Relationshep had him looking for love, but he ended up still single at the end. Cameran recently shared about how great he is with children.

“Shep is great with kids. He has little nieces, and now he has a new nephew. He’s like a big kid himself. So he’s awesome with babies.”

Shep has been in pictures with Palmer and Cameran as well. It looks like she has a lot of aunts and uncles who like to hang out with her and help take care of her. Cameran is lucky to have such great friends that want to be involved with her daughter. It would be pretty surprising if she decides later on that she wants more children. She is happy with her little girl and for someone not wanting kids at all, she is really doing a great job at being a mom. It looks like she was made for this job.

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Group therapy. 🤪❤️

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What do you think of Cameran Eubanks’ daughter’s doll of Shep Rose? Let us know in the comments section below, and don’t miss new episodes of Southern Charm when it returns to Bravo with new episodes. So far, they haven’t shared when the new episodes will air.

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