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Serena Williams Joins the Fight Against Domestic Violence

Serena Williams Joins the Fight Against Domestic Violence and Says Daughter Olympia is Her Inspiration

Tennis star Serena Williams joins the crusade to stop domestic violence. Her passion is driven by her wanting to be a strong role model for her 9-month-old daughter and women suffering from not only domestic and financial violence.

Williams has joined forces with Allstate Foundation’s Purple Purse initiative where she hopes she can speak up for others that are not able to do so.

At a event held on Wednesday for the strategy the tennis champ said, “These women probably can’t use their voice so it’s important for them to know that there are people out there that are using their voice and letting them know that there is a place, that we can do something about it.”

As stated by Allstate, one in four women will experience domestic violence at some point in their lives, and 99 percent of cases being financial abuse. The startling statistics hit the 36-year-old new mother hard.

“Having a daughter means that she’s one in four. Hopefully, those stats don’t go up by the time she’s dating and meeting people, but they can if you don’t make people aware of it,” she said.

“Domestic abuse is a subject that people are not really comfortable talking about, but sometimes talking about the uncomfortable is what we have to do,” Williams said. “We’re doing that now with Me Too, with Times Up, and I feel like we’re making those steps. We want to make this a movement.”

Williams is a known advocate for equal pay and women’s rights in the sports arena. Serena has been known to not keep quiet and sit on the sidelines and reminds women that their voice is important if there are going to be changes made. Her greatest words of advice she could give to her daughter and other women is, “always speak up, and from the first day.”

She continued, “If you keep letting it go on, the situation gets worse and worse until you’re just completely downtrodden.”

As a mother of a daughter, Serena’s wish is that young boys are educated from a young age on what is acceptable and unacceptable. She also believes that men need to join the crusade and become more supportive of women. She ended by saying, “It’s a human rights issue. We should just want to be better humans.”

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10,000 Missouri Residents Hold Candlelight Vigil for Murdered 10-Year-Old (VIDEO)

02/25/2014 at 09:15 AM EST

Hailey Owens, in an undated photo

Hailey Owens, in an undated photo

Kansas Bureau of Investigation/AP

A southwest Missouri community turned out by the thousands Saturday night to pay homage to a 10-year-old girl whose life abruptly ended last week at the hands of a man who police say abducted her from her quiet Springfield neighborhood in broad daylight.

The family of Hailey Owens, a fourth-grader who was killed Tuesday a block from her home, attended a candlelight vigil in her memory and led a procession down Springfield’s Commercial Street, the Springfield News-Leader reported.

The local chapter of Bikers Against Child Abuse walked with family members as thousands of others lined sidewalks along the route, raising flickering candles and chanting Hailey’s name.

“Tonight is about Hailey, not the crime,” said Angel Boeddeker, a Springfield resident who came to the event with yellow ribbons for participants to wear.

Springfield city spokeswoman Cora Scott estimated there were about 10,000 participants, who brought their own candles and were given Boeddeker’s yellow ribbons. Many also wore pink and purple, which were Hailey’s favorite colors.

Hailey’s family clung close together as they walked, with her mother, Stacey Barfield, sobbing throughout.

“I came because I saw the video of the mother on the news,” said Donna Rivers of Springfield. “It was really important to her. She really felt the support when we do things like this.”

Ann Etta and her husband, Richard – who are close friends with the Barfields – made a large banner with Hailey’s picture and walked with the family.

The family is doing “as good as can be expected,” Ann Etta said, struggling to remain composed.

At the end of the walk, Mayor Pro Tem Jeff Seifried addressed the crowd.

“There are no words to describe our community’s broken heart,” Seifried said. “There are no words to describe our frustration. The unthinkable has happened in our community.”

Craig Michael Wood, who was a middle school football coach for 16 years, has been charged with first-degree murder, kidnapping and armed criminal action in the girl’s death.

According to court records, Hailey’s body was found in Wood’s basement, stuffed into trash bags and plastic containers, and prosecutors said she was shot in the back of the head.

Wood, who is being held without bond in Greene County Jail, has pleaded not guilty.

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Cards Against Humanity Donates More Than $100,000 to Public Schools

01/03/2014 at 08:00 PM EST

Cards Against Humanity is “a party game for horrible people,” according to the game’s website. Despite this pedigree, they raised and donated more than $100,000 to public schools this holiday season.

Not bad for a game in which answers can include “drinking alone” and “eating the last known bison.”

For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure, the game’s concept is simple: Each round, one player asks a question from a black card, and the other players answer with their funniest white card. (Let’s play a sample round. Question: “The votes are in, and the new high school mascot is …” Answer: “Grandpa’s ashes.”)

But contrary to the spirit of the game, which encourages players to make each other cringe and blush, Cards Against Humanity clearly has a soft side. In November, 100,000 people paid the company $12 to receive 12 mystery gifts over the course of 12 days. On the tenth day, the company donated everyone’s dollar to public school classrooms across the U.S. through a site called

The company donated $100,249.94 through DonorsChoose and funded 299 projects in low-income schools across the U.S., aiding a total of 38,318 students.

Spend some time clicking around the page the company set up to explain the breadth of their giving – though statistics like, “If enslaved, 38,318 children could build two pyramids every 10 years without the use of pulleys, wheels, or iron tools,” should be taken with a grain of salt.

Source: Cards Against Humanity Donates More Than $100,000 to Public Schools