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Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott’s Son Beau Turns One

Beau McDermott turned one on Friday. The youngest of the McDermott-Spelling clan celebrated his special day after police were called to the home after a reported verbal dispute the day before.

The Tru Tori alum had spoken about the birth of her youngest referring to Beau as the second chance of her marriage to Dean. Last October she said in an interview, “Beau was, like, the rebirth of our relationship, we know how to do it differently now. For so many years, we kind of didn’t know how to find time for ourselves…Our time together is as important as our time with our children.”

Despite the incident the day prior Tori, 44, and Dean, 51, both took to their social media platforms to celebrate their little guys special day.

Tori posted a video of her birthday boy. In the video, you hear Tori in the background asking, “Who’s one today?” Then you hear Dean chime in saying, “Happy Birthday, Tickles.”

Click the picture below to watch the Beau McDermott video:

Tori captioned the video, “#BeauBeau1 Happy 1st Birthday! Did he just say Beau or Birthday? Ha ha…Daddy and I love YOU so much!!”

Dean also celebrated his little man posting a different video on his Instagram. “Time flys!!! This little dude is 1 today!!! Happy Birthday Beau Dean McDermott!! We love you!! #littlerockstar #firstbirthday.”

In Dean’s video Beau is sitting in his high chair and you hear the Chopped Canada host singing the iconic Beatles “Birthday” song. Beau is enjoying the serenading from his father, giggling and smiling.

Click the picture below to watch the Beau McDermott video:

A source close to Tori says, “The last year has been really tough on Tori. She has a ton of pressure and stress, with the kids, work and her marriage.”

The source added, “She internalizes a lot of her anxiety and she knows it’s not healthy for her. Of course, she’s going to get to a breaking point eventually. Tori and Dean have their ups and downs but they love each other and family is most important to both of them.”

The couple also shares sons Liam, 10, and Finn, 5 as well as daughters Stella, 9, and Hattie, 6. With a full house, its bound to get overwhelming for any mother. We are happy to see the two were able to put their differences aside and were able to make Beau’s day special!

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Chanel Austin Daughter of Ice-T and Coco Austin Turns Two

The Law & Order: SVU actor Ice-T and his wife, Coco Austin, celebrated the 2nd birthday of their daughter Chanel Nicole. Decked out in full “princess” garb, Chanel was smiling from ear to ear in an Instagram post that Austin sent out on social media this week.

Austin noted that Chanel has brought “fun” to the role of motherhood and said it’s a joy to watch the girl grow up, even though it seems to be happening so quickly! Wearing a tutu of radiant pink, a specially-made crown, and a plain white tee shirt, the miniature royal princess relaxed on a scale-model “throne” specially created for her. Not content to leave anything to chance, Austin & Ice-T even gave Chanel a tee shirt that read, “Today is my second birthday.”

Austin sent out several other pictures via social media from two years ago when Chanel arrived, courtesy of the staff at Englewood Hospital where Mom was staying at the time.

The big party for the two-year-old was a Paw Patrol extravaganza, with puppies everywhere and the full-blown dog theme in evidence all around. This themed birthday party is not the first for Chanel. For her first birthday, Chanel celebrated at New York’s famous Sugar Factory. For that birthday party, Austin & Ice-T created a unique experience centered around Chanel’s favorite Disney character, Minnie Mouse.

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Zoë Saldana Celebrates Twins Third Birthday

Recently, Zoë Saldana celebrated twins Cy & Bowie’s third birthday. Saldana has promised to raise her young boys to be “exceptional men” by which she means they’ll no doubt respect themselves and others. Cy and Bowie are now three years old, and their 39-year-old proud mom sent out a large number of messages to them this week through various social media channels. She included a few choice photos from private family parties, with the boys front and center, smiling from ear to ear.

Happy Birthday Bowie and Cy! Today, November 27th will always be the happiest and scariest day of our lives. On a day like today, three years ago our lives changed forever. We went from being two to four in just 2 minutes. Even though your arrival was early and with a couple of scary hiccups you have been the light of our lives ever since we learned of your presence within us. Your strength, determination, curiosity and kindness humble us every day. Thank You for choosing us to guide you through the first stages of your purposeful path in life. You are both meant for greatness and by the grace of God your father and I will make sure you grow up to be exceptional men that will bring healing , wisdom, happiness, and change into this world. We have a big task ahead us, and that is to raise healthy, empathetic and selfless men. We hope to never let you down. And please continue to teach us how you need to be loved, seen, spoken to, taught, encouraged, protected- all the things you need to thrive and make your life meaningful. Los amo hijos míos, hijos de Marco, hijos del mundo. ~~ Feliz cumpleaños Bowie y Cy! Hoy, el 27 de noviembre siempre será el día más feliz y aterrador de nuestras vidas. En un día como hoy, hace tres años nuestras vidas cambiaron para siempre. Pasamos de dos a cuatro en solo 2 minutos. Aunque llegaron temprano y con un par de miedos aterradores, han sido la luz de nuestras vidas desde que supimos de la presencia de ustedes dentro de nosotros. Su fuerza, determinación, curiosidad y amabilidad nos mantienen humildes y enfocados todos los días. Gracias por elegirnos para guiarlos a través de las primeras etapas de vuestras vidas. Ambos están destinados a la grandeza y por la gracia de DIOS, tu padre y yo nos aseguraremos de que crezcan para ser hombres excepcionales que traerán curación, sabiduría, felicidad y cambio a este mundo. Tenemos una gran tarea por delante, y es criar hombres sanos, empáticos y desinteresados. Esperamos nunca decepcionarlos. Y, por favor, continúen enseñándonos cómo deben ser amado, visto, hablado, enseñado, motivado, protegido, todo lo que necesitan para prosperar y hacer que su vida sea significativa.

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The Colombiana star and her husband, Marco Perego spent quality time with the young duo on their big day. Saldana was still clad in her special effects costume on a movie set while she snapped a few pics with the twins and her husband. The youngest brother to the twins, son Zen, was also on hand to complete the “family of five” photo session and share in the laughter and fun.


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Saldana calls November 27, the day the twins were born, the “happiest and scariest day of our lives.” She refers to the children as “the light of our lives,” and knows in her heart that the boys will grow up to be a positive force in the world for “healing, wisdom, happiness and change”

According to Saldana, the twins get along famously and are close friends but do have their “competitive” moments. She admits that they have petty fights about little things, as all boys will do.

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Milla Jovovich’s Daughter Ever Turns 10

Look who’s 10! Model-actress Milla Jovovich shared birthday greetings for daughter Ever Gabo via Instagram Sunday. In the series of snapshots, the Resident Evil star, 41, shared precious moments of her daughters — including 2-year-old Dashiel Edan — enjoying the “Magical Cooking Party” birthday bash. The Russian beauty was sure to give a shout-out to the talented baker for creating an “unbelievable cake” for the birthday girl.

“Even at her birthday party, Ever first thought to help her little sissy sing karaoke and managed to single handedly avert a meltdown. I’ve been graced with such a sweet, sensitive little girl and I thank the good Lord everyday for giving me such a beautiful gift as she is. Happy Birthday Evs! Mama loves you more than anything! And a big thank you to @marcrg4u for another UNBELIEVABLE cake! This “Magical Cooking Party” one is kind of beyond though! Every year you outdo yourself and we’re so grateful for your talent and love! by @chrissbrenner #evergabo #birthdaygirl#doubledigits #mamalovesyousomuch#ladiary,” the model mom captioned the series of snaps from the birthday party.

The Zoolander actress also shared a throwback photo of Ever as a beautiful baby.

Sounding every bit the proud mom, the model-actress shared a heartfelt message for her elder daughter on her milestone birthday.

“Ten years ago today, a new soul came into our world. Into my world. And from that moment, my world became hers. Happy Birthday Evs! You are my life. My love. My daughter. #forever #evergabo#happybirthday,” wrote Jovovich.

In January, Jovovich rocked the red carpet with husband Paul W.S. Anderson and Ever at the Los Angeles premiere of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.

Ever made her acting debut in the franchise her mother has been starring in since 2002. Not to mention, Ever’s father has directed, produced and written the films.

After the Tokyo premiere of their film, Jovovich took to Instagram with a sweet message about her budding actress.

“All hail the Red Queen! This picture just makes me so proud as a mother because my little girl handled herself with ease, appreciating every moment and was so kind and humble to the fans at the #residentevilthefinalchapter world premiere in Tokyo last week. She owned that red carpet in the most unassuming manner, was charming and articulate and of course dancing around with the excitement only a 9 year old can show. You are all going to flip out on the many layered performance she so naturally plays in this film. She’s a real talent. And nothing makes me happier in the world than to know that my baby has found her passion in life. #bless #evergabo #watchoutworld #thereignhasbegun,” she wrote.

Jovovich and Anderson welcomed their firstborn on Nov. 3, 2007. The couple welcomed Dashiel on April 1, 2015.

Happy birthday to Ever!

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