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T.I.’s Sister, Precious Harris, Passes Away After Car Accident

T.I.’s sister, 66-year-old Precious Harris, was involved in a car accident that left her in the ICU. A week later, Precious Harris died.
Source: T.I.’s Sister, Precious Harris, Passes Away After Car Accident

Band Plays Touching Hospital Room Set for Fan Injured in SXSW Crash

03/16/2014 at 12:00 PM EDT

Concerts don’t get much more intimate – or heartfelt – than this.

Members of the band Jared & The Mill played a set Saturday afternoon considerably more important than an industry showcase: They were playing the hospital room of one of their biggest fans, who was injured in Thursday’s SXSW car accident.

Mason Endres, 18, was injured Thursday in Austin, Texas, when a drunken driver, Rashad Owens, crashed into a crowd of people, killing two and injuring 23. Mason’s leg and nose were broken, and her neck was fractured. She was rushed into surgery at nearby St. David’s Medical Center to have her broken bones set; early Friday she had to have another surgery on a blocked artery in her other leg.

“It’s been quite a roller coaster,” her father Dan told “She’s going to be fine. There are some people out there that are not as lucky as us.” Six other patients from the crash remain hospitalized; four in serious or critical condition.

Mason was most upset by the fact that she wouldn’t get to see one of her favorite bands, Jared & The Mill, an indie folk band from Phoenix, Arizona, play – she was friends with the band and had been chatting with them shortly before the crash. When the band found out she was going to miss their show, the band made plans to bring the music to her.

“She was on monitors when we told her that Jared was coming, and her heart rate jumped way up,” her father said.

“I think the pure excitement of everything has gotten me through today,” Mason said Saturday. “I felt better than I ever imagined I thought I would feel in a hospital.”

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Source: Band Plays Touching Hospital Room Set for Fan Injured in SXSW Crash

Britney Spears to Dump Boyfriend?

Britney Spears to Dump Boyfriend?

Posted by Adam

40th Annual People's Choice Awards - ArrivalsBRITNEY Spears is thinking about dumping boyfriend David Lucado — because she thinks he isn’t mature enough.

The singer started dating David two months after splitting from her ex-fiancé and former manager Jason Trawick, but now the relationship is approaching the one-year mark, Britney is reportedly having second thoughts.

“Britney has been have doubts since before Christmas. She really fell for David at the start of the romance, but now she feels she jumped into things too quickly after splitting from Jason. She was so desperate to have someone by her side.

“Britney’s worried he’s not mature enough for her – she’s used to being spoiled by her boyfriends but, with David, she’s been joking to friends that he’s like a third son.

“Britney’s really torn because she still likes David, but she doesn’t see their relationship ending up in marriage. She was so relieved he didn’t propose at Christmas after hearing from friends he was keen to pop the question.

“She starts her next stint of concerts in Vegas in February, so she doesn’t want to rock the boat. But she’s feeling the romance has lost its spark and she doesn’t want to string him along if there’s no future.”


Source: Britney Spears to Dump Boyfriend?

Taylor Swift Freaks Out Over Spider!

Taylor Swift Freaks Out Over Spider!

Posted by Adam

TAYLOR Swift freaked out over a spider while backstage at one of her concerts.

The singer spied a big, brown arachnid crawling up her boots, and was not pleased!

“Get it out of here!” she reportedly screamed.

“OHMIGOD, it’s huge!

“Is it a tarantula?”

The spider suddenly fell to the floor, and a stagehand raised his foot to crush it!

“Taylor instantly shrieked, ‘NO… DON’T KILL IT! YOU CAN’T KILL IT!’” said the source.

“She told the confused guy she only wanted it removed from her dressing room, ordering him to catch it in a plastic cup and take it outside!”


Source: Taylor Swift Freaks Out Over Spider!