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Ellen Pompeo’s Family Goes Vegan

Grey’s Anatomy Leading Lady Ellen Pompeo Puts Her Whole Family on a Vegan Diet

Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo has played one of our most beloved doctors on TV over the past 14-years but the actress is taking advice from her real-life doctor and has switched her entire household into the vegan lifestyle.

Ellen is the latest Hollywood elite that has decided to give veganism a try for not only herself but her entire tribe. Pompeo revealed to People magazine on her deciding factor to what many may think is drastic and she talks about how easy of a transition it has been for the entire family.

“I just went to my yearly appointment a couple of weeks ago and Dr. Kristi Funk told me about her book.” Dr. Funk just released her book Breasts: The Owner’s Manual. Ellen went on to explain, “Since then my whole family has gone completely vegan.”

“Dr. Funk told me she turned her three kids completely vegan and I came home from my appointment with her where she basically gave me the information…and I said, That’s it, we’re all vegan.’”

Ellen, 48, flipped the food script not only for herself but husband Chris Ivery, and her three kiddos Stella, 8, Sienna, 3, and Eli, 1. For most families giving up meat and dairy can seem daunting even unimaginable but the actress said its been a fun and seamless transition on their new road of health.

“It’s super fun. I don’t think it’s tricky at all-it’s actually easier because meat you have to cook it before it goes bad. Grains and lentils and rice and beans, everything’s in the pantry already. You just have to get vegetables, but vegetables stay good for a week and I think we all feel better.”

Ellen brought her eldest daughter Stella to Dr. Funk’s launch party for her book and when asked what food she misses most since changing to the vegan lifestyle the young girl admitted she was “missing bacon,” and had “tried fake bacon today.” She said when asked how her palette enjoyed the vegan version of bacon she replied, “It’s okay.”

But Ellen Pompeo said it’s not just for health reason that she decided to make the jump to veganism, the global issue took a big part in making such a diet commitment. “I think we’re at a critical point for our planet and in the United States, this health issue is out of control, the obesity, the diabetes everything…Sickness is a huge business, I know that really, really well. The message of veganism is not one that they want to get out but not only will it help us, it helps the planet.”

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Ellen Pompeo & Stella: Malibu Mates

What a sweet face!

Ellen Pompeo and her daughter Stella Luna were spotted out in Malibu, Calif. on Wednesday (July 20). The Grey’s Anatomy actress looked in good spirits as she carried her 1 1/2-year old from a friend’s house.

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Source: Giveaway: Baby JaR Gift Basket (Value: $150)

Ellen Pompeo & Chris Ivery: Saturday With Stella

Ellen Pompeo & Chris Ivery: Saturday With Stella

Who feels like cooking on the weekend? Not Ellen Pompeo and husband Chris Ivery, who brought along their adorable daughter Stella, 1, as they picked up take-out at The Grill in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Saturday (June 4).

Ellen’s Grey’s Anatomy costar Patrick Dempsey has said that the upcoming eighth season of the show will be his last. And a statement made by Ellen recently has fans wondering if the 41-year-old actress will be exiting the show as well.

“No one has asked us to come back after season eight, so I couldn’t presume that I’m coming back…if I haven’t been invited,” Ellen said cryptically in a recent interview. So will there still be a Grey’s Anatomy without a Dr. Meredith Grey? Stay tuned!

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