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Remy Ma and Papoose Had A Baby Girl And Papooses’s Messages For His Wife And Daughter Are Everything

Remy Ma and Papoose rejoice as their announce the birth of their boy/girl
Source: Remy Ma and Papoose Had A Baby Girl And Papooses’s Messages For His Wife And Daughter Are Everything

DeAnna Pappas Stagliano: “Motherhood Is Such A Blessing”


The Bachelorette alum DeAnna Pappas Stagliano and her husband Stephen Stagliano  welcomed their first child – daughter Addison Marie – on February 6. The new mom, 32, is sharing exclusive details of her daughter’s posh nursery with Celebrity Baby Scoop. Everything from the Carousel Designs Pink and Gray Chevron Crib Bedding set, to the Newport Cottage Crib, to the closet full of Stride Rite baby shoes labeled with Mabel’s Labels Shoe Labels, to her new POSH Mommy necklace, DeAnna shares her mommy must-haves with our readers.

The reality star also opens up about her beautiful baby girl who is “already sleeping through the night” before the age of two months! She goes on to gush about her “flawless” adjustment into motherhood, why they shared Addison’s first pictures on social media, and how they came up with their daughter’s meaningful moniker.

CBS: Congratulations on the arrival of your daughter Addison Marie! How is she doing? And how are you adjusting to new motherhood?

DPS: “Addison is doing amazing — already sleeping through the night! Such a big girl. The past two months have just flown by. It’s like I blinked and she grew into a baby instead of a newborn. So crazy.

I am loving motherhood – it is seriously the best thing I have ever done with my life. I’m obsessed with her — I can’t stop staring at her or kissing her. Motherhood is such a blessing and I am so grateful to be experiencing this. The transition has been flawless. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and I miss her so much even though she is just in the next room in her crib. The magnitude of the love I feel is so hard to put into words.”

CBS: Why did you choose to announce Addison’s name a few weeks after announcing her birth? Also, why did you choose to share her first pics on social media?

DPS: “We chose to keep the details and photos of Addison with just our family for a bit because Stephen and I both are so forthright with so many details in our lives, that we wanted this special time to be enjoyed by just our family.

I signed up for the show, and I signed up for the fame that follows it. Addison didn’t, and neither did our family. We wanted to enjoy this very special time with her and our family before allowing the rest of the world in on it. That’s not too much to ask, is it?!

Once we were ready to share photos, we chose to share them on Twitter and Instagram because there are a lot of loyal fans who love to see updates and photos of past Bachelors and Bachelorettes and we love to be able to share those moments. We just wanted to do it on our time and on our terms.”

CBS: How did you come up with Addison Marie’s name? Was it a tough decision for you and Stephen?

DPS: “Stephen and I loved the name Addison way before we were even thinking about getting pregnant. The name is just so beautiful and sophisticated. Her middle name, Marie, is passed down. It was my grandmother’s, my mother’s, and my middle name. It is something I wanted to share with my own daughter. I wanted her to know and have a piece of my mother with whom I loved so much.”

CBS: Tell us all about baby Addison’s beautiful nursery. What was the inspiration behind the soft pink and gray room? Have you always had a nursery like this in mind for your first child?

DPS: “Addison’s nursery is our favorite room in the house! When we were planning out her nursery, I knew I wanted to decorate it in soft pink and soft gray. The gray took some convincing with Stephen, but once he saw it, he loved it too.

Choosing the bedding with Carousel Designs made it all complete. It was so easy when making the decision because we used their online tool. They had the perfect pink and gray chevron bedding that we just fell in love with. I found some vintage pieces of furniture that Stephen and I restored for her room that just fit perfectly.

We did a photo collage on the wall for a finishing touch. We wanted our little ‘Addie Bear’ to have a room that she felt at home in, and a place where she was comfortable and loved.”

CBS: What’s your favorite component/piece in the nursery?

DSP: “I have a few different favorite pieces in her nursery. I love the photo collage on the wall because each piece is hung with love from family and friends. Some were made by hand which makes them so unique.

Speaking practically, I love her Poopoose changing pad. It is ‘mom invented’ which I love. The changing pad has a belt to strap Addison in so she doesn’t roll off and get hurt. I’m also a huge fan of my Bobee diaper dispenser. It makes storing diapers easy and stylish so I am not cluttering up Addison’s dresser or drawers with all the extra diapers.”

CBS: Now that you’re a new mom, do you have any tips for expecting and new moms? What is some of the best advice you’ve received so far?

DPS: “Everyone is so willing to give expecting moms advice. We listened to what everyone said and then did what was best for our family. You have to do what works for you. I would tell expecting moms to be patient and love every moment. Babies do grow up so fast, that is true. Soak in every waking moment and take lots of pictures. The lack of sleep, sore nipples, and sleepless nights are all worth it.”

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Source: DeAnna Pappas Stagliano: “Motherhood Is Such A Blessing”

Jennifer Aniston Asks Lenny Kravitz to Decorate Her Bel Air Mansion

Jennifer Aniston Asks Lenny Kravitz to Decorate Her Bel Air Mansion

Posted by Adam

"We're the Millers" New York City Premiere - ArrivalsJENNIFER Aniston has asked her retro rocker friend Lenny Kravitz to be the interior decorator for her Bel Air mansion!

The actress met Kravitz hrough her fiance Justin Theroux, 42, she learned his ’60s and ’70s influenced design style was beyond cool!

“Jen is blown away by Lenny’s unique taste and now he’s picked out a series of interesting pieces of furniture for the lavish home she shares with Justin,” a source told RadarOnline.

“Furniture is not Jen’s strong suit and she always needs help in this apartment to create her dream look.”

Aniston learned what an accomplished designer the singer is when she and Theroux visited Kravitz’s legendary New York apartment.

“She loved its many one-of-a-kind furnishings,” the source said. “Jen has confided in friends that Justin’s taste can sometimes be a little too quirky for her.

“Lenny was the first person she called when it came to fixing up the interior of her Bel Air home.”

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Source: Jennifer Aniston Asks Lenny Kravitz to Decorate Her Bel Air Mansion

Andrea Rosen: It’s Hard To Be A Working Mom


Comedian and actress Andrea Rosen – star of NickMom’s Take Me To Your Mother and mother to 21-month-old Odin – has traveled around the country to get advice from different moms on how to raise a great kid. New episodes of the show air every Monday in June at 10pm (ET/PT) on Nick Jr. The series finale is on Monday July 1.

Celebrity Baby Scoop recently had the chance to interview Rosen to discuss her show and being a first time mom.

CBS: Tell us about your docu-comedy series “Take Me To Your Mother.” What is the series all about?

AR: It’s a docu-series about me being a first time mom and how I don’t really know what I’m doing. I mean I do, but also don’t. So in the series I hang out with other moms and they share their opinions about raising kids. But the moms I talk to have a really specific point of view, either because of their culture (Italian moms) or religion (Hassidic moms) or their job (NASA moms).

CBS: What was it like to meet so many different moms all over the country? Did you hear any common threads when it came to parenting issues and advice?

AR: Everyone is so different and certain about different things. Like the Italian moms I talked to were very old school. They took care of their sons almost like their sons were their husbands – cooking and cleaning and fawning until the sons get married. The mom I met in Santa Barbara who had 9 kids was just trying to keep her head above water and survive. The West Indian Moms were all about discipline. And the Japanese moms wanted their kids to be successful but not boastful.

So, in terms of advice, I got a lot of it. And all of it was pretty different and specific for those moms.

CBS: What is your favorite or best piece of advice you received from moms thus far? What’s wackiest advice you received?

AR: I heard from a few of them – you can’t be everything, “E” is for enough – basically that as a mom, you should give yourself a break, loosen up on controlling everything, and breathe. All of it is easier said than done, especially while your child refuses to get his five pound doody diaper changed, throws the roasted chicken pieces, sweet potato, and peas that you lovingly prepared for him on the floor, and hurls his eco-friendly wooden blocks with his pitcher’s arm at your face. (Of course he’s a sweet angel the rest of the day, but still!).

I didn’t really get wacky advice. I mean I heard wacky things – like the Italian moms used to spy on their teenaged sons, and one woman I talked to thought breastfeeding was “disgusting!”, and nudist moms think their kids are more confident about their bodies because of all the flesh they’ve been exposed to – but I would say the advice was all pretty grounded.

CBS: You are a first-time mom. How is your little one doing?  Are you able to get any sleep?

AR: He’s great. He’s fun and at times, he’s a maniac. He’s climbing the furniture and wanting to jump off. Eeeek! He doodied in the tub about a month ago and has refused to take a bath ever since! So we give him a sponge baths. He loves bike helmets and snuggling and Peter Rabbit. He’s funny and naughty. He’s a little kitty bear. Regarding sleep – my child finally sleeps through the night, but wakes up at 5:30am. I’m tired. All the time.

CBS: Was motherhood what you expected?

AR: I really and truly did not know what to expect. I was scared. But I didn’t even know what I was scared of. Though now that I’m 20 months into it, I was right to be afraid. It’s really hard. Especially when you’re working.

One thing that did surprise me – was how connected I feel to every mother, now that I’m a mom. I feel enormous amounts of compassion and respect for moms. I guess because I’m in the trenches now. And life just got a lot brighter, bigger, deeper.

CBS: How do you balance your motherhood duties with your career?  Do you think women can really have it all?

AR: It’s an incredibly daunting task to raise a small child and have a career. My husband is as involved as I am, and it’s still super challenging. Like everyone says – it’s the hardest thing, but also the best thing.

CBS: What is one thing you wish you knew about motherhood before being a mom?

AR: That I should have read a lot more, because post being a mother, I would never have the energy to read another book.

CBS: What’s up next for you?

AR: I have an acting job that shoots next month that I’m really excited about. I’m working on a movie script. I’m researching good public schools in the LA area.  And I’m thinking about starting to exercise.

Source: Andrea Rosen: It’s Hard To Be A Working Mom