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‘Vanderpump Rules’ Girls Share Their Future Plans for Children

The girls from Vanderpump Rules were on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen this week. While on the show, they talked about a lot of various things. Too Fab shared that on the after show they talked about children and when they want to have them. 

The girls Stassi Schroeder, Brittany Cartwright, Katie Maloney, Lala Kent, Scheana Marie, Ariana Madix and Kristen Doute were all on the show. Katie Maloney is married to Tom Schwartz. She said that 2020 is when they plan to have babies. It looks like it won’t be a lot longer before she is trying to get pregnant.

Scheana Marie Shay shared that she is actually freezing her eggs. Right now she is single and so she is preparing just in case. This way she can have children someday if it doesn’t happen right away. Stassi Schroeder said that marriage and babies are both things she is talking about with her boyfriend Beau. Stassi honestly doesn’t even care what order it happens in either. 

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Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor are busy planning a wedding right now. It turns out that Brittany does have babies on the mind, but she wants to wait until they get married. It sounds like a lot of children could be coming for the cast of Vanderpump Rules in the near future. 

As of right now, Ariana Maddix still doesn’t have any plans to have children or get married. She is very serious with Tom Sandoval, though. They have been together for so long that it would be pretty surprising if Ariana changed her mind. You never know, though. If she did, Tom has made it seem like he would be perfectly fine with it. He just wants to be with her no matter what. 

Lala Kent did talk about her wedding and said it will probably be in 2020. She didn’t mention babies at all, though. Everyone will just have to wait and see if Lala and her man Randall Emmett decide to have children at some point. 

The show Vanderpump Rules will really change if the cast starts to have children. Fans love them so much that it could go on, but it would be a different dynamic. Another option would be for them to decide to do a few spin-offs based on the big changes. 

Are you ready to see some Vanderpump Rules babies? You know that this cast will make adorable children. You can check out new episodes on Monday nights on Bravo. 

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Cardi B’s Divorce Is Not Even The Biggest Thing That Happened To Her This Week

After announcing her breakup with Offset, Cardi B is still winning
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‘Teen Mom OG’: Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra Reveal Baby’s Gender

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra of Teen Mom OG just shared the sex of their new baby. It turns out that the couple is expecting another girl! They are really excited about this news, but honestly, they were expecting to hear that it was a boy. They have already had two little girls. 

Catelynn shared with Us Weekly all about her shock to find out it was another girl.

“I was so shocked that it was a girl because I for sure thought it was a boy! Tyler knew the sex before I did. When we did our gender reveal, I was so shocked I almost cried because I wanted a boy so badly. I’m super excited it’s a girl now. Since our miscarriage, I just am thankful to get another chance, and as long as it’s healthy, that’s all that matters!”

The couple has already talked about trying for another baby in the future. This might mean they would end up getting a boy. Catelynn and Tyler seem like they are doing really well right now. They love being parents. 

Catelynn Lowell went on to explain that they do really want to have a boy at some point. Tyler may end up in a house full of girls and that will be just fine, too. This is the third daughter for this couple. They have 3-year-old daughter Nova and they placed their eldest daughter, Carly, now 9, up for adoption.

Catelyn suffered from a miscarriage between Nova and the new little girl that is on the way. This was really hard on her. They are calling their new little girl their “rainbow baby.” This is a term used for a baby that is born after a miscarriage. They actually were not planning this pregnancy, but it just happened. The couple is excited about the new baby, though.

Tyler really feels like this is a “blessing.” He says that every child is and he is really happy about this new child. It won’t be long before they have another little girl at home. The couple from Teen Mom OG hasn’t shared just yet what they will name their daughter. They will probably wait to reveal this until the little girl arrives. 

Are you excited to see Catelynn Lowell’s new little girl? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t miss new episodes of Teen Mom OG on MTV. Hopefully, everything will be filmed when she has their new daughter. 

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Busby Family of ‘Outdaughtered’ Shares Huge Updates, Teases Pregnancy

It is time for a new season of Outdaughtered on TLC. It has already been confirmed that it was coming back, but now the Busby family is going to their Facebook to share when it will back and updates on the family. Danielle also teases possibly pregnancy news at the end of the video, which shocks everyone. 

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Grab your big girl pants – the Busby ladies are now walking, talking, and BACK on TLC for #OutDaughtered season 3! Catch these cuties on a special two-hour season premiere Tuesday, July 10th at 8/7c!

The preview starts out showing how cute the girls are now as Adam Busby teases that people think they are angels, but he feels like they have devils on their hands. The girls end up making a huge mess in their sister’s room even getting into her makeup. These girls are a handful, but at least they are cute while doing it. 

Another big thing going on for the Busby family is that they are working on potty training. Danielle goes and buys a ton of big girl panties, but of course, this isn’t going to go easy with trying to do it with so many little girls at once. One daughter immediately tells Adam she went potty in the big girl panties. 

It also turns out that Riley and Parker are ready to move up into the next class in their preschool, but the other girls are not quite ready yet. This is going to be the first time they have been apart like this and it looks like this isn’t going to go easy for the quints. Mimi is having a lot of trouble getting her house fixed after the hurricane and she is tired of everyone having to help her out. It looks like this is a difficult time in her life. She has made it clear she likes being on her own. 

Now for the big teaser is when Adam Busby asks Danielle how her stomach is doing. She explains that she hasn’t had her period yet, which of course, makes everyone wonder if she could be pregnant. Adam questions how late she is and she explains she doesn’t keep track. Danielle was sure that her husband had a vasectomy and that she couldn’t get pregnant, but then she even starts to question if he did that or not. It would be pretty shocking if it turns out that Danielle has another baby on the way. At least, they are already used to having a lot of children.  

Make sure that you don’t miss the new season of Outdaughtered when it returns on TLC on Tuesday, July 10, 2018, at 8/7c. 

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