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Claire Danes Sometimes “Trapped By The Role” of Motherhood


Homeland star Claire Danes covers the October issue of Harper’s Bazaar UK looking lovely in a leather Prada dress. The actress – who is mom to nearly 2-year-old son Cyrus – gets real about motherhood and her hubby, fellow actor Hugh Dancy.

On motherhood: “Being a mum is incredibly challenging, but we still feel a pressure to talk about it in very romantic terms. And it’s not just that. We all have that resentment at times and anxiety about being trapped by the role, that responsibility. And then chemically it can run riot. Your mental state, the hormonal swings are so extraordinary and singular to the female experience and they haven’t been taken very seriously or considered very deeply… I mean, post-partum aside, even if you have the most healthy relationship with your child and have support and resources, it’s tough. It’s really tough. And there’s no “off” button. [For me] that was the hardest adjustment. You always feel beholden to somebody… And for so long they’re like koala bears, you just feel a physical responsibility to be there for them to cling to. It’s pretty primal.”

On Cyrus: “He’s kind of revealing himself to be a bit of a ham, which shouldn’t really be a surprise. A babysitter gave him a kiss goodbye and now he does ‘Mwah, mwah’ to everybody. Or he says, ‘Ciao.’ It’s ridiculous. I did not teach him that. He sings ‘Ee-eye ee-eye oh’ to himself all the time. And he’s a toddler, so he says ‘No’ and ‘More’ a lot and he’s just started to have temper tantrums. It’s scary.”

On her hubby Hugh Dancy: “I’m genuinely in love with him. And I like hard things. You know, marriage is hard, but I’m up for it. I don’t do anything casually so dating is not for me. I would be marrying everyone I was with. When I met Hugh I was single for the first time and really looking forward to it, kind of bragging, ‘I’m going to rock this.’ Then I met Hugh…But I like getting into [a relationship]. It’s more fun [than being single]. There’s so much opportunity if you are interested in each other to go further. It’s kind of a beautiful exercise.”

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Kate Hudson: “I Want Girls To Love Themselves”


Mom-of-two Kate Hudson covers the October issue of Red and opens up about body image and family life with fiancé Matt Bellamy and sons Ryder, 10, and Bing, 3.

On body image and being a good role model: “If there is one thing I will never have, it is an eating disorder. I won’t have girls – even if it is just one or two who care – thinking that. Because it’s a serious sickness, not something to plaster on the cover of a magazine. And I am the opposite. I want to be giving girls the message that, sometimes you do gain 70 pounds having a baby. The whole point is I want girls to love themselves. I want them to feel good about who they are… The thing is, I’m lucky because I was loved. But I have seen so many young women who can’t feel good about themselves because they just don’t have… that love.”

On getting married to fiancé Matt Bellamy: “I’m not in a rush. We are basically married. It’s really about when are we going to take the time to plan a wedding…[I’m not wearing my engagement ring] because it can be…a little much. I like to wear my push gift [another ring] for pushing out Bing.”

On the media spotlight: “It goes in waves. I think when you are single they just throw you in the fire. When you’re single, you are dating everybody. And you are like, ‘I never even met this person.’ You realize they want every female to be a whore… These (gossip) magazines really, really want women to look bad. Why would you paint such a bad picture of women that young girls look up to? I will never understand that.”

On her fun-loving mama, Goldie Hawn, who ran a tight ship: “Oh, if there were drugs being smoked in our house I would have gotten a wooden spoon upside my head. They were tough. They were fun, they were cool, but they were not hippy-dippy parents. If I’d come home with a tattoo, they’d have told me to find an apartment. But cut to years later, we all have a tattoo!”

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All About the Judge Who Married Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

All About John Ouderkirk, the Judge Who Married Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Kevin Mazur/WireImage

09/02/2014 AT 08:05 PM EDT

Yes, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie turned over much of the planning for their Aug. 23 wedding to their six children – including the cake and even the dress.

But when it came to making things official, they tapped someone rather more experienced.

Their officiant of choice: retired California judge John Ouderkirk, who presided over the Aug. 23 non-denominational civil ceremony at the family’s French estate, Châeau Miraval.

The judge currently handles conflict-resolution cases for private firms. But he made headlines in 1993 while presiding over the hot-button trial of two black men accused of trying to murder white truck driver Reginald Denny during 1992’s riots in South-Central Los Angeles.

A former Marine and Santa Monica, California, police officer, Ouderkirk oversaw the ceremony, while Jolie, 39, and Pitt, 50, had previously secured a marriage license in California.

The judge was one of only 20 attendees at the ultra-intimate affair, along with Brad’s parents, Bill and Jane, his siblings, Doug and Julie, and Jolie’s brother, James Haven.

For Brad and Angelina’s complete wedding album, all the details of their big day and more of the couple’s interview, pick up this week’s issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Wednesday.

All About the Judge Who Married Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt| Wedding, Celebrity Weddings, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie on the cover of PEOPLE

David James / Getty Images

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Snooki’s Son Meets JWoww’s Daughter – and It’s Adorable

09/02/2014 at 06:30 PM ET

It’s a match made in Jersey Shore heaven.

Jenni “JWoww” Farley‘s daughter and Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi’s son are off to a great start in becoming BFFs like their mommies.

Farley, 28, posted an Instagram of 2-year-old Lorenzo Dominic standing sweetly over her baby girl, Meilani Alexandra, on Saturday, accompanied with the too-cute caption, “Counting toes.”

jenny Farley Nicole Polizzi Kids Photo
Courtesy Jenni Farley

The reality star and fiancé Roger Mathews welcomed their first child in July, but both moms are adamant there’s no romantic future for their fist-pumpers in training.

“I feel like it would be weird if they hooked up or started dating,” Polizzi, 26, told PEOPLE in February.

Hopefully three isn’t a crowd: Polizzi is pregnant with her second child, a girl.

“They f—— better [get along],” Farley joked to PEOPLE in May of their daughters. “They’re basically cousins. There’s no option. You’re sisters.”

– Michele Corriston

Source: Snooki’s Son Meets JWoww’s Daughter – and It’s Adorable