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Jillian Harris Is Pregnant Again, Shares About First Trimester Depression

Jillian Harris is pregnant with her second child and the star of The Bachelorette is now opening up about how she dealt with depression during her first trimester. This couldn’t have been easy on her, but People shared how Jillian isn’t afraid to share the details. This is her second child with fiancé Justin Pasutto. Their son Leo is 20-months-old now.

Jillian did an interview with Today where she was really open about what she has been dealing with it. She shared saying, “Pregnancy is supposed to be such a happy time … but I was just so exhausted and sick that I wasn’t happy.” This was totally different than her first pregnancy, which was very easy on her. Jillian said, “My pregnancy with Leo was a breeze. Women would say, ‘How do you feel?’ And I would say, ‘I feel wonderful!’ And they would say, ‘Oh my gosh, you’re so lucky.’ And I would think, ‘What’s the alternative?’ And now I know.” This time was a huge change and not near as easy. 

It wasn’t just depression, though. Jillian Harris revealed that she was unable to do her daily tasks as expected. She was trying to be a good mom to both of her children, but Jillian was having trouble doing laundry or even taking a shower. 

Jillian Harris was very lucky that she had Justin and that he was really supportive of her. She explained saying, “At one point, he was like, ‘I know you’re struggling, but if there is any way you could give me an indication that you’re happy, I would love to just see you smile,’ I looked at him and just started crying.” Things were really hard for Jillian during this time, but now they are looking up for her.

Now that she is in her second trimester, the depression has moved on and Jillian is doing a lot better. She is very grateful that she only had to deal with this during her first trimester and not the entire pregnancy like some women do. It has to make some women that are going through this feel better to know it can happen to anyone and that Jillian is being so open about her struggles. It had to be easier to share the details now that she is feeling better. 

So far, Jillian Harris hasn’t shared if she is having a boy or a girl. Hopefully, the news will come out soon and the rest of her pregnancy will be a lot easier on her. 

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Neil Patrick Harris & His Central Park Pals

How I Met Your Mother alum Neil Patrick Harris and husband David Burtka enjoyed lunch with their 6-year-old twins Harper and Gideon in New York City.

“Shared a wonderful lunch with my family at the boat house in Central Park. Before the weather changes, check it out!” Burtka, 42, Instagrammed the family photo.

The Gone Girl star, 44, is now enjoying the great outdoors in Vancouver, Canada.

“Hiking in Vancouver. ‘Twas very in-tree-guing,” he recently Instagrammed the image.

Earlier this month, NPH shared snapshots from their family getaway in Alaska.

Prior to their adventures in Alaska, the Harris-Burtkas enjoyed a day at Disneyland.

Also in August, the famous family had a getaway in Italy.

In June, the Gone Girl star shared a shot of the twins sea kayaking in Vancouver, British Columbia. The family-of-four enjoyed Father’s Day in the Canadian city. As well, the actor recently shared snapshots from his 44th birthday celebrations in Vancouver.

The actor travels to Canada while filming the second season of A Series of Unfortunate Events.

The Doogie Howser, M.D. alum and Burtka welcomed the twins via gestational carrier in Oct. 2010.

Hiking in Vancouver. ‘Twas very in-tree-guing.

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Jensen Ackles & JJ: Sweet Smooch

Supernatural star Jensen Ackles gave his 4-year-old daughter JJ a sweet smooch.

“Little Good Luck Kiss! #gameday #letsgocowboys #saints,” the actor’s wife Danneel Harris Ackles Instagrammed the family selfie.

Earlier this month, the One Life to Live star, 38, posted a photo of her husband posing poolside with their preschooler.

Last month, the Day of Our Lives alum, 39, shared a selfie with his three children — including 9-month-old twins Arrow and Zeppelin.

On The Fourth of July, the Smallville star posted patriotic photos with his elder daughter (full name, Justice “JJ” Jay Ackles).

In June, the model-actress shared a sweet snapshot of her husband reading a storybook to their three children on Father’s Day.

The couple welcomed their twins — son Zeppelin Bram and daughter Arrow Rhodes — on Dec. 2, 2016.

Little Good Luck Kiss! #gameday? #letsgocowboys #saints?

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Wood Harris Sheds Light on a Major Unscripted Cam’ron Scene in Paid in Full

During an interview with the Breakfast Club, Wood Harris shares a story about an unscripted Cam’Ron scene in Paid in Full.
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