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Jeremy Vuolo Shows He is Hands-On Dad With Felicity

Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo just had their first baby girl named Felicity. It turns out that Jinger Duggar Vuolo is very lucky because she has a very hands-on daddy. It turns out that Jeremy is really helping out a lot. Cafe Mom shared all about how Jeremy posted on his Instagram holding the baby while working on other things. Hopefully, momma was getting a much-deserved nap at that time or at least getting to do something fun. 

In this photo, Jeremy Vuolo is working away. He shared a picture holding his daughter and along with it he said, “Look who joined me for OT Studies w/ Dr. Essex…” He also tagged Master’s Seminary, where he was recently accepted for a Master of Divinity program. Jeremy can do this in Texas, to begin with, but rumors are that they may have to move to LA for him to finish it up. Jeremy and Jinger haven’t confirmed that they will be moving yet, though. 

Look who joined me for OT Studies w/ Dr. Essex… || @mastersseminary ||

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When Jinger Duggar Vuolo gave birth, they shared with fans about it. The couple actually didn’t wait long to tell fans. Here is what the couple had to say.

“Jinger gave birth to Felicity Nicole Vuolo this morning at 4:37 am. Felicity weighs 8 lbs. and 3 oz. and is 19.5 inches long. God is so kind! … Both mom and baby are healthy, doing great, and resting well. We are very thankful for her safe arrival and look forward to life as parents!”

Jeremy Vuolo made it very clear that he was really excited about their daughter getting here. It looks like he is very happy and really helping out. Jinger doesn’t work out outside of the home, but that is still really hard to do. She is lucky to have someone who helps her out. A lot of moms have to take care of their baby on their own and don’t have a dad who is ready to help out all the time.

Jinger Duggar Vuolo is very lucky that Jeremy is hands-on. During the episodes of Counting On the viewers will get to see a bit more of what all he does with the baby. Hopefully, the TLC cameras are spending a lot of time in Texas filming this couple. 

Are you surprised to hear how helpful Jeremy Vuolo is with their daughter? Sound off in the comments and don’t miss new episodes of Counting On when they air on Monday nights on TLC.

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Tori Spelling Goes to Instagram, Says Son Hurt By Nails at Four Seasons Hotel

Tori Spelling has been in the public eye a lot over the years, but lately, she has been kind of doing her own thing. Tori and Dean’s reality days seem to be over, but a recent incident has her back in the news. Now, People is sharing that Tori went to her Instagram story really upset about something that happened to her son while at the Four Seasons Hotel. 

She was not happy over what happened to her youngest son Beau Dean. She actually said he was “stabbed” by four nails at this hotel. Tori Spelling was very upset as she told her version of the story about what happened to her son.

“We are a @fourseasons family like even before my 1st was born (who’s 11) and bc of a house situation we are of course staying with them. But in the kids arcade room my 15 month old got stabbed by 4 exposed nails that shouldn’t have been there and all that was done was “Is he ok?”

It is pretty obvious that Spelling feels like they should have done more for her and worried about her son more. This also needs taken care of so it doesn’t hurt another child in the future. Tori said that she doesn’t normally call things out like that, but she was very unhappy and had to share her thoughts. The reality star’s rep did say that her son was doing fine, which is great news. 

The Four Seasons also had their own statement to put out about the incident. They aren’t really sharing any details, though. Here is what the hotel shared.

“At Four Seasons the well-being of our guests is our top priority. The team was in touch with Ms. Spelling throughout her stay. Out of respect for the privacy of our guests we do not share information about our guests or their time with us.”

Tori Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott have been on reality television over the years. At this time the fans aren’t really getting updates about the couple and their kids unless they follow their social networks. Tori may end up having a bit more to say about this incident in the future. Hopefully, the hotel was able to make her happy and it is great news that her son is doing fine.

Are you shocked by what Tori Spelling shared happened? Do you think they deserve another reality show? Let us know in the comments below. 

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Peta Murgatroyd and Maksim Chmerkovskiy Talk About Plans For Baby No. 2

Peta Murgatroyd and Maksim Chmerkovskiy of Dancing With the Stars already have one little boy together. The couple recently got married and seem to have the perfect little family started. Life & Style shared that the married couple is already talking about having a second child and they are very hopeful that it will be a girl. Shai is 14-months-old and they already have plans to make sure he has a sibling. Peta and Maks didn’t share exactly how many children they want yet. 

Peta spoke out to Life & Style exclusively and explained their plans for the future. 

“We would love to have a girl next. It’s funny — we can’t imagine having another boy because we can’t imagine how we could love another boy like we love Shai.”

Peta Murgatroyd did share a bit about her son Shai as well. He isn’t dancing just yet, but you know that will probably come seeing how much his parents love to dance. Shai is already walking and he also talks in English and Russian. Hopefully, Maks and Peta will start teaching him to dance at a young age. 

Maks and Peta may think that it would be hard to love another son as much as Shai, but once you are a parent of two children you will realize that you can do it. They will be happy if they have another little boy or a girl in the future, of course. Peta did share that Shai likes talking to one girl at the house and said, “He loves talking to [Amazon’s] Alexa! He babbles at it and, of course, Alexa doesn’t know what he’s saying.” If they end up with a boy next, maybe they will keep trying for a girl. 

Right now, Peta Murgatroyd isn’t sharing that she is pregnant yet or that she is trying. The fact that their son is 14-months-old makes everyone think that more than likely they are already trying or will be trying soon. She has made it very clear that more children are in their future. 

My boys…I can’t wait to get home ??

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It is almost time for a new season of Dancing With the Stars. No word yet on if Maksim Chmerkovskiy or Peta Murgatroyd will be back on the show again dancing. If Peta is pregnant, that might be a season for her to take off again. The fans really like both of them and enjoy having them on seasons of the show as dancing pros. It is pretty interesting when they go up against each other for the Mirrorball Trophy.

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Chris Pine Boozing Hard Because of Career Blues?

Chris Pine Boozing Hard Because of Career Blues?

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"Star Trek Into Darkness" Los Angeles Premiere - ArrivalsCHRIS Pine has developed a drink problem over his flagging career, it has been claimed.

The actor — who was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving in New Zealand on March 1 — is apparently depressed that his last movie, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, bombed at the box office.

And Pine’s friends fear his drinking is starting to have a major effect on his life.

“It’s getting harder and hard to keep his lifestyle a secret,” a source revealed to American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“Hopefully, this DUI is the wake-up call he needed.”


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