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Serena Williams Joins the Fight Against Domestic Violence

Serena Williams Joins the Fight Against Domestic Violence and Says Daughter Olympia is Her Inspiration

Tennis star Serena Williams joins the crusade to stop domestic violence. Her passion is driven by her wanting to be a strong role model for her 9-month-old daughter and women suffering from not only domestic and financial violence.

Williams has joined forces with Allstate Foundation’s Purple Purse initiative where she hopes she can speak up for others that are not able to do so.

At a event held on Wednesday for the strategy the tennis champ said, “These women probably can’t use their voice so it’s important for them to know that there are people out there that are using their voice and letting them know that there is a place, that we can do something about it.”

As stated by Allstate, one in four women will experience domestic violence at some point in their lives, and 99 percent of cases being financial abuse. The startling statistics hit the 36-year-old new mother hard.

“Having a daughter means that she’s one in four. Hopefully, those stats don’t go up by the time she’s dating and meeting people, but they can if you don’t make people aware of it,” she said.

“Domestic abuse is a subject that people are not really comfortable talking about, but sometimes talking about the uncomfortable is what we have to do,” Williams said. “We’re doing that now with Me Too, with Times Up, and I feel like we’re making those steps. We want to make this a movement.”

Williams is a known advocate for equal pay and women’s rights in the sports arena. Serena has been known to not keep quiet and sit on the sidelines and reminds women that their voice is important if there are going to be changes made. Her greatest words of advice she could give to her daughter and other women is, “always speak up, and from the first day.”

She continued, “If you keep letting it go on, the situation gets worse and worse until you’re just completely downtrodden.”

As a mother of a daughter, Serena’s wish is that young boys are educated from a young age on what is acceptable and unacceptable. She also believes that men need to join the crusade and become more supportive of women. She ended by saying, “It’s a human rights issue. We should just want to be better humans.”

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Mariah Carey Talks Miscarriage, Marriage & Motherhood

Mariah Carey Talks Miscarriage, Marriage & Motherhood

The path to motherhood wasn’t exactly a smooth one for R&B singer Mariah Carey. The new mom – who had fraternal twins Monroe and Moroccan via C-section in April 2011 – claims that enduring the emotional trauma of a miscarriage before she became pregnant with her twins was “really tough” and inspired her to change her lifestyle.

Not only did the Precious actress use acupuncture methods to relax but she decided to use fertility treatments to try to get pregnant again.

“The main thing I did that was tough, was to go on progesterone like every month… and then when I was pregnant, I had to stay with the progesterone for 10 weeks,” she explains to Barbara Walters in an 20/20 exclusive interview. “It minimizes the chance of miscarriage by 50 percent.”

Thankfully, the treatments were a huge success and at age 40, Mariah and her Drumline actor hubby Nick Cannon, 31, learned that they were happily expecting twins!

The concept of marriage was also something that Mariah struggled with as a result of her relationship with record executive Tommy Mottola, the man who discovered her.
Although she claims that experience made her “afraid of the concept of marriage,” Mariah feels that she is definitely lucky in love the second time around.

“This is a different situation and … I’m a different person,” she says. “It’s a different time in my life. And nobody will ever be able to steal my spirit again. So I’m just happy to be in love and to be here. ”

Both Mariah and Nick admit to being impulsive regarding their marriage to each other after only weeks of dating. However, the cute couple decided to throw caution to the wind when Nick – who is 11 years younger than Mariah – proposed to the pop diva in the Moroccan room of her home, the inspiration to their son’s name. The couple married in April of 2008.

It’s not a huge surprise that the twins may be following in their mother’s talented footsteps in the music department!

“They’re incredible,” Mariah claims. “But I will say that they really respond to music.”

Although the entertainment business is nothing short of a lucrative career, proud papa Nick wants to make sure he puts education before entertainment.

“I want to make sure we get education first,” the America’s Got Talent host says. “Society puts too much on entertainment and entertainers. They praise them like they’re royalty, especially in America, where it should really be about the teachers or, you know, the doctors. I want them to be able to sing as beautifully as their mother. I want them to be able to play instruments and everything. But I want them like … ‘Go get a Ph.D’”

And “Roc and Roe” – the babies’ nicknames – are “little geniuses” according to their daddy’s rave reviews.

Tune into Barbara’s exclusive interview with Mariah and Nick plus see “dem babies’” faces for the first time on 20/20 Friday at 10 p.m. ET.

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Rihanna’s Mom Thinks She’s Too Mature

Rihanna’s Mom Thinks She’s Too Mature

Sunday October 9, 2011

RIHANNA‘s mother thinks she is “way too mature”.

The We Found Love singer says her tough upbringing — as the eldest daughter in her family who had to cope with her father’s crack addiction — made her wise to the world, and her mother can’t believe how grown up she is despite the fact she is still only 23.

“I saw too much. I was way too mature for my age. I guess that’s why I became rebellious. That’s what my mother thinks anyway,” she said.

Rihanna was also famously a tomboy and didn’t learn how to act in a feminine way until she met one of her best friends, Melissa Forde.

“I was one of the boys. I never saw the need for having girlfriends until I met Melissa. Melissa taught me how to be a girl,” she added.

When she was embarking on her career, Rihanna was inspired by her musical idols and she continues to find inspiration from them now.

“All those divas, Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston — they were my heroines,” she said.


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Jennifer Lopez Reveals Idol Judges’ ‘First Fight’

No more Ms. Nice for American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez.

The singer admits that she and her cohorts on the panel – Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler – recently had their most combative disagreement since coming together as a threesome on last season’s show.

“Me and Randy and Steve got into our first fight. I got really, really upset,” Lopez, 42, told Ryan Seacrest’s KIIS-FM radio show Friday.

The blowout – which Seacrest confirmed visibly riled her – bubbled up at a recent audition after a girl with what Lopez felt was an exceptional voice performed for the panel.

“She was amazing,” Lopez recalls.

But Tyler didn’t agree – and asked for another song.

“I was surprised because I was ready to vote,” Lopez said, adding with a laugh, “Sometimes the days get kinda long.”

When the girl’s second song got going, though, Tyler, and then Jackson, quickly nixed the girl from going further in the competition.

“I thought I was being Punk’d,” Lopez recalls. “[I thought], ‘How can we let this girl go?’ I was upset. When I believe in something … I knew this girl deserves the chance.”

All in all, though, Lopez says her second season is “going really great,” but does admit: “The kids, we’re being really tough on them.”

Lopez, whose new single Papi (off her latest album Love) is now out, briefly referenced her soon-to-be ex-husband Marc Anthony.

“I call everybody ‘Papi,’ ” Lopez said of the inspiration for the song. “I used to call Marc ‘Papi.’ We wrote the song about loving somebody and celebrating that.”

Jennifer Lopez Reveals Idol Judges' 'First Fight' | Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

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