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Lebanon Beautiful Women Celebrities

Lebanon is home to some of the most beautiful women in the world. The singer Enrique Iglesias was reportedly so smitten with the country’s women that he constantly flirted with his audience when he staged a concert there. When an Arab publication conducted a survey of the 50 most beautiful female Arab celebrities, more than half that came out on top were Lebanese.
Here now is the top 10 most beautiful women celebrities in Lebanon.

10. Rima Fakih


She was born in Srifa in South Lebanon to a Shi’a Muslim family. Her family moved to New York to escape the civil war. She was the 2010 Miss USA winner. Fakih is also known as a diva of the WWE where she is trained to be a professional wrestler.


9. Rola Saad


Her complete name is Rola Youssef Saad. She was born in the town of Tannourine to a Maronite Christian family. Orphaned early in her childhood, Saad entered show business by appearing as a commercial model for Habibi and Dailou’a perfumes. She also had minor roles in several television shows and was featured in the music videos of Saber Rebai, notably in the songs “Etzakkarak” and “Hayyarouni.” She then hit it big when she recorded a remake of the song entitled “Yana Yana,” which was further boosted by the appearance of the original singer, the legendary Sabah, in the music video. It became one of the biggest hits of 2006 with the song receiving heavy airtime all throughout the Arab world. She also landed a role in the movie “Room 707” and a part in the Egyptian series “Bahr W Atshana.”


8. Lamitta Frangieh


Lamitta Frangieh hails from the town of Zgharta in the northern part of Lebanon. She first burst into the limelight when she placed first runner up in the Miss Lebanon pageant held in 2004. The following year, she had the distinction of being the country’s representative in the Miss World competition. Frangieh is now strutting her wares as a fashion, runway and commercial model. She has also appeared in a number of movies.


7. Myriam Fares


Myriam Fares is a Sunni Muslim who first appeared in the television show “Al Mawaheb Al Saghira” that earned her top prize for oriental dancing. She had taken up classical ballet when she was just five years old, and she later complimented this talent by joining the National Conservatory in Lebanon where she learned the principles of oriental singing. She spent four years there before she won first prize in the Lebanese Festival of Songs as the contest’s most popular singer. She then joined the show “Studio El Fann” where she first won the prize of best singer in South Lebanon, before winning the Dr. Walid Ghoulmiye’s prize for best singer in South Lebanon, Beirut and Mount Lebanon. She then hit it big with the best selling album entitled “Bet’ ouh Eh.”


6. Nawal Al Zoghbi


Nawal Al Zoghbi is known for her raw singing that evokes deep and true emotions. She comes from the town of Byblos in Lebanon, but her popularity has extended all over the entire Arab world. Despite the fact that she sings mostly in Arabic, Al Zoghbi has gotten her fair share of following in Iran, Europe and North America. She has been in the music business for more than 20 years but her popularity has not waned a bit.


5. Mona Abou Hamze


Mona Abou Hamze is a popular television presenter. She is of Druze origin and is known for the talk show entitled “Talk of the Town” that is shown on Murr Television. She has been the recipient of the Murex d’ Or Award given annually to the best television presenter. She has also ranked consistently as one of the top 100 sexiest women in the Arab world.


4. Nancy Ajram


She started out as a child performer and was able to release an album when she was just 15 years old. Ajram then hit it big in 2004 with her third album called “Ya Salam” that featured the hit song “Akhasmak Ah.” She then got noticed internationally in 2004 with the songs “Ah w Noss,” “Lawn Ouyounak” and “Inta Eih.” Ajram is now considered a pop icon in the entire Middle East.


3. Elissa


Her full name is Elissar Zakaria Khoury, though she is popularly known as Elissa. She was born to a Lebanese father and a Syrian mother. She won second place in a 1992 popular music contest called Studio El Fan. She released her first album in 1999 called “Baddi Doub.” She now has eight albums to her credit. Elissa is also known for her musical collaborations with other Arab and international artists, like Ragheb Alama, Cheb Mami, Chris de Burgh and Gerard Ferrer.


2. Cyrine Abdelnour


Cyrine Abdelnour first became known as an actress in movies and television during the late 1990s.  She then released her debut album in 2004 entitled “Leila Min Layali.” She became hugely popular in 2006 with the release of her second album called “Aleik Ayouni” that contained the song “Law Bas Fe Aini (If He Looks in My Eyes).” The song went on to become one of the most popular releases in the country. She is now married to Farid Rahme, a businessman based in Lebanon.


1. Hayfa Wehbe


Hayfa Wehbe is a model, actress and singer with mixed Lebanese and Egyptian ancestry. She first got known when she placed second in the Miss Lebanon pageant. She then released the hit album entitled “Houwa El-Zaman.” Wehbe is known for her sexy appeal and image, as well as her provocative and suggestive mannerisms. She also appeared in the 2008 movie called “Sea of Stars.” She was once listed in People Magazine’s list of 50 most beautiful people.

The Women Changing Lebanon Through Football

Lebanese women are fighting a silent revolution on the football field through the popular club programme of the Cross Cultures Project Association (CCPA) in Lebanon, which provides educational activities for those in post-conflict countries.
Farah and Mirna are two young women on an important mission: they want to change Lebanese society by promoting gender equality and giving young girls the opportunities they didn’t have themselves.
“We are here at the CCPA seminar because we want to change something,” says 28-year-old Mirna. Together with her friend Farah, Mirna is taking part in a seminar in Beirut for volunteers in the CCPA Popular Club programme. The two school teachers want to establish their own sports club for girls in their hometown. “There is nothing like this in our town. All sports clubs are for boys and men, but we want to make a club for girls – and only girls!” says Farah, who has been living in a little town in South Lebanon her entire life and is fed up with how her society views and treats girls and women. “We have had no opportunities for sports or physical activities. It has been very frustrating,” she says.
CCPA Lebanon is focusing on bringing together a mixed group of children who play in the same club regardless of gender, talent, social standing, religious and ethnic distinctions. The CCPA popular club project is working to support the development of an active civil society based on diversity and equality, where females are encouraged to take an active part in order to promote gender equality and non-discrimination.
The idea of popular clubs for girls is revolutionary – especially in the south. The two women’s hometown is located in a conservative area around the city of Tyre, where cultural mores have made it difficult for CCPA Lebanon to organise sports activities for girls and women. The local CCPA coordinator Adel Saad has experienced how complicated it is to attract females to sports activities, not only in the south but all over the country: “This is Lebanon, and it is unusual for girls to participate in sports outside school. We need to change this, but it should be done slowly,” says Adel.
“There is an idea here that girls who wear the hijab (headscarf) don’t play sports,” Mirna adds. “Men think that we are not interested and don’t like being active, but this is so wrong. We know many, many women who are like us.” Adds Farah, “I want to change the impression that girls who wear hijab can’t do anything except sit at home and be quiet. By playing sports we can change this and express ourselves!”
Involving women in sports is only a small step for better conditions and equality for women in Lebanon, but it is a clever way to start changing society. In this very volatile country everything tends to be politicised, but sports are seen as far removed from politics and therefore safe. Mirna and Farah chose to take active part in society through CCPA Lebanon because of the reputation of the organisation in the area.
Many people in Lebanon are not ready to deal with strong and independent women doing sports. Even these two women had to struggle before going to the CCPA seminar in Beirut, far away from their hometown. “Our families were against it,” Farah says. “Staying at a hotel with 50 men is not a good thing to do for young decent women. We couldn’t convince our families to allow us to go, so in the end we just said, ‘Enough. We will go whether you like it or not.’”
Farah and Mirna have learned a lot at the seminar, but it is not only the women who have something to learn. According to Farah, male instructors and trainers also have many things to learn: “Some of the men here are not used to have women around them. But they have to learn this: women are also allowed on the playing field and to take part in society.”
The small liberation movement for Farah, Mirna and their Lebanese sisters has started. There is still a long way to go, but Farah is optimistic and motivated. “We will need time. Things don’t change overnight here, but we know that we can do it. We know that we can change how other people are seeing women. We can’t lose faith – and we can’t fail! But we need patience.”

Source: The Women Changing Lebanon Through Football

Lebanese Singer and Model Dana Halabi Photos

Dana Halabi Photos
Born in Kuwait on January 18, 1987, Dana Halabi (دانا حلبي) is a Lebanese singer and model. as per wikipedia, Dana Halabi has held many concerts throughout the Middle East and Europe, and participated in the most significant Arabic festivals. She has also featured in many music videos, TV programs, and magazines. She spent most of her childhood in Lebanon but currently resides in Dubai. She graduated in Interior Design from the American University of Science and Technology in 2006. In July 2009 she gave birth to her first baby boy in Dubai named Carl. Click on read more option to see more hot photos of Dana Halabi……….

Source: Lebanese Singer and Model Dana Halabi Photos