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’90 Day Fiance’ Star Paola Mayfield Goes Blonde During Pregnancy, Speaks Out to Fans

90 Day Fiance star Paola Mayfield is doing great in her pregnancy. She went through a rough time after having a miscarriage, but her next pregnancy has gone well. Us Weekly shared that Paola recently looked like she had dyed her hair blonde and had fans worried about the baby.

The fans started telling her that she shouldn’t do that while she was pregnant. It turns out that Paola is taking care of her baby just fine, though. She actually shared that it was a wig that she had on. Paola looked amazing and you couldn’t even tell that it wasn’t her real hair. She even teased that she only has to wash it every so often.

She also responded saying, “Those who spend their time looking for the faults in others, usually spend no time correcting their own.” Paola Mayfield is really excited to be a mom and would never actually do anything to harm her baby on purpose. The fans just notice things and get really upset when they don’t agree with it. Paola didn’t even do what they thought, though. 

Paolo Mayfield hasn’t been shy at all about showing off her baby bump on her Instagram. One picture even has her in a little bikini with the blonde wig on. She looks amazing and like she isn’t far from having her baby either. Paolo also knows that she is having a baby boy with her husband Russ. She is really happy to be expecting. If you want to keep up with how she is doing, Paolo shares on her social networks often.

So far, it hasn’t been revealed if Paolo and Russ will be on a future season of 90 Day Fiance. It would be great to see them on the show once again. Hopefully, that ends up happening and viewers can see how they are as parents for the first time. Married at First Sight is doing a spin-off this season of all couples from the show who are expecting. A similar version of 90 Day Fiance about expecting parents or the ones that have children would be a huge hit. 90 Day Fiance has already done several spin-offs, so who knows.

Do you hope to see Paola Mayfield on a future season of 90 Day Fiance? Make sure that you don’t miss the new season as it airs on Sunday nights on TLC. The couples on the show right now are trying to decide if they want to go through with the K1-Visa process or not. 

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‘Southern Charm’ News: Cameran Eubanks’ Daughter Has Doll of Shep Rose

On Southern Charm, Cameran Eubanks has made it very clear that she is close with Shep Rose. These two hang out a lot. Cameran just had her first child Palmer and her husband isn’t featured on the show at all. He is busy doing his own thing and just doesn’t want to be on reality television. It looks like Shep may be the guy we see around Palmer on Southern Charm.

Well, it turns out that Cameran’s daughter really likes Shep. She likes him so much that she has a Shep doll she plays with and seems to love. Shep did want to be Palmer’s godfather, but maybe instead he is just the favorite. She will be one next month and she has taking a liking to Shep. Check out her little Shep Doll below. 

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Oh no…

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Hopefully, Palmer likes Shep as much as she likes this little doll. It will be interesting to see Cameran Eubanks as a mom when Southern Charm returns. Hopefully, she will have her daughter on the show since her husband doesn’t do it. 

It does turn out that Shep is great with children. He doesn’t have any of us own just yet and also doesn’t seem to be in a rush to have them. His show Relationshep had him looking for love, but he ended up still single at the end. Cameran recently shared about how great he is with children.

“Shep is great with kids. He has little nieces, and now he has a new nephew. He’s like a big kid himself. So he’s awesome with babies.”

Shep has been in pictures with Palmer and Cameran as well. It looks like she has a lot of aunts and uncles who like to hang out with her and help take care of her. Cameran is lucky to have such great friends that want to be involved with her daughter. It would be pretty surprising if she decides later on that she wants more children. She is happy with her little girl and for someone not wanting kids at all, she is really doing a great job at being a mom. It looks like she was made for this job.

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Group therapy. 🤪❤️

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What do you think of Cameran Eubanks’ daughter’s doll of Shep Rose? Let us know in the comments section below, and don’t miss new episodes of Southern Charm when it returns to Bravo with new episodes. So far, they haven’t shared when the new episodes will air.

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Derick Dillard Shares that the Dillard Family Has Grown

Derick Dillard just shared that the Dillard family just grew recently.Derick went to his Instagram page to share what happened and it turns out that his brother just had a baby. The information is on the Dillard blog and they are sharing all the news. The fans are excited for this big announcement from Derick Dillard. 

Jaxon Michael Dillard was born on Wednesday, September 5th, 2018 at 9:11 pm. He was born at 6 pounds 7 ounces and 19 inches long. This is Derick’s brother Dan’s baby with his wife Deena. It turns out that Derick and Jill’s kids Israel and Samuel are really excited to be cousins. This will give them someone else to play with, but of course, they already have the Duggar kids to play with as well and there are a ton of cousins on that side of the family. The Duggar family has a ton of children and will continue to have more. 

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The Dillard Family is Growing!!! ***link in bio***

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Jill and Derick Dillard already have two kids together. The fans would love to hear that another one is on the way for them, but it just hasn’t happened yet. For now, they seem to be enjoying life as a family of four. It wouldn’t be shocking at all if they decided to have another child soon. The Duggars don’t believe in birth control at all and so more than likely they will all have big families like Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar do.

Derick is now very busy going back to school. It looks like he will be getting a traditional job now that he has been fired by TLC. They don’t want Derick on the show Counting On at all after he wouldn’t stop making negative comments about Jazz Jennings and TLC on his Twitter. The fans do miss seeing Jill and Derick on the show, but they do give a lot of updates on their social networks. They also share on their family blog. The fans like to get to know more about them in anyway that they can get the updates. 

Are you excited to hear that there is a new baby for the Dillard family? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of Counting On when they air on Monday nights on TLC. You won’t be seeing Jill and Derick on the show, but at least you get updates on the rest of the family. 

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Jackson Roloff Bonds With Their New Puppy

Not long ago, Tori Roloff of Little People, Big World teased her husband that she wouldn’t be having another child until they got a puppy. At the time, Zach acted like there was no way that this was happening. He felt like having a puppy would be more work than a baby, but Tori wanted one either way. Now, they have added Murphy to the family and their son Jackson already has a new best friend.

In Touch Weekly even shared that the entire group just recently went on their first family vacation as a family of four. They took Murphy along with them to have a good time. The fans were just introduced to him one week ago. Their road trip was to California and it looked like a good time. When they first announced they were getting a puppy, Tori teased it like a baby might be on the way. It was a big announcement, but only one about a puppy joining the clan.

During the trip, Tori Roloff went to her Instagram and shared a few photos on her story of the puppy. Murphy seemed to do great and was just sleeping while they were on the trip and sitting up enjoying it. A lot of people aren’t brave enough to take a puppy on the road, but they weren’t leaving their new little friend behind.

Hopefully, this means that Tori and Zach Roloff will be sharing that they are expecting a second baby soon. She got her puppy now maybe Zach will get the child that he wants. These two make great parents and you know Matt and Amy Roloff would be thrilled to be grandparents once again. 

There have been rumors that Tori was pregnant, but she has denied those more than once. Amy even denied them. It looks like a puppy is all that they have for now, but they love having a new puppy in their life. As you can see below, Jackson seems to really enjoy spending time with his new best friend. 

Jackson is pretty happy about Murphy. They are already great pals!

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Don’t miss watching Tori and Zach Roloff on Little People, Big World when the show returns for another season. It may not be back until next year, but Tori and Zach have already confirmed that they will be back again even if Audrey and Jeremy have decided to move on from the show. Things will be different, but Little People, Big World must go on.

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