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Exclusive Interview: Dr. Shahin Ghadir Talks About Fertility

This week Celebrity Baby Scoop got the chance to talk to Dr. Shahin Ghadir all about fertility. He has worked with various celebrities including Mercedes “MJ” Javid from Shahs of Sunset. Dr. Ghadir feels like he was lead to work in this field. During his residency, he got the chance to do a fertility rotation. He realized how working in this field could be life-changing and decided to go that way with his career. So many people can’t have children and a fertility doctor is the only way that being a parent can become a reality for them.

When it comes to his clients, Dr. Shanin Ghadir has seen several celebrities, but he has clients of all types. People from around the world come to see him due to recommendations they have received.

Dr. Ghadir explained how there used to be a bit of a stigma around using a fertility doctor. It isn’t like that at all now, though. Instead, it is more accepted and in some areas even considered “hip.” People aren’t afraid to admit that they have seen a fertility doctor to get assistance with getting pregnant.

He explained that there have been a lot of advancements in the field of fertility over the years. One big thing is that they can now do genetic testing on an embryo. There have also been advances where they can find out when the best time is to place the embryo in the uterus. As Dr. Shanin Ghadir explained, this can really increase the chances of a pregnancy happening after fertility treatments.

If you want to get fertility treatments but can’t afford them, Dr. Shanin Ghadir can help you out with it. His office has financial counselors available to help clients figure out how to make it work for them. He is even working on a charity called “Fertility for All.” It is a very new charity, so they have lists of other charities that help people get grants or loans for fertility treatments.

They also offer a lot of information on their website to help people with financial options and to get more information on fertility treatments. Dr. Shanin Ghadir has made it clear that he wants to help his patients to become parents.

Dr. Shahin Ghadir has an Instagram page where you can keep up with the latest updates on what he is doing in the fertility world.

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Bruce Willis Opens Up Home In Bedford Hills

Die Hard star Bruce Willis and wife Emma Heming Willis cover the latest issue of Elle Decor with their two daughters – Mabel, 5, and Evelyn, 3 – with a peek inside their Craftsman-style house in Bedford Hills, New York.

On where Bruce’s Zen zone in their house: “With two kids? Not many places to find peace, but my office works. I’ve made it so boring in there that the kids want nothing to do with it.” Emma adds, “Bruce is right, there really isn’t a Zen zone here. We use every room, and the kids venture into each one at some point throughout the day. I converted a cottage we have on our property into my office. That, I suppose, would be my Zen zone, where I can focus and get work done. I have to admit, though, that we thrive off the chaos.”

On Bruce’s use of technology and devices: “I want nothing to do with social media, so I leave that up to Emma, who’s much savvier in that department than I am. I check e-mails and texts at some point during the day, but that’s the extent of being connected for me.” Emma adds, “Bruce reads the The New York Times in hard copy every morning, while I read all my news online. I admire Bruce’s anti–social media stance. The fact is, he doesn’t need to use it to promote a thing! I’m in the rat race — I have to promote my business. Plus, on a personal level, I do love sharing some of our sweeter family moments.”

Emma on living with Bruce: “Bruce is very domesticated. His mother taught him well! He really is great at housekeeping. I mean, granted, we have a housekeeper, Lety, who has been with Bruce for more than 30 years — she is family to us and has helped me so much with our girls; she’s also a big part of Bruce’s older girls’ lives. But he’s very proactive! She’s probably stuck around as long as she has because Bruce really helps keep everything in tip-top condition, which makes her life easier.”

Emma on her work with Room to Grow: “RTG is dedicated to helping babies born into poverty thrive throughout their critical first three years of development. When we moved to New York, I was looking for a local charity in which I could involve not only myself but my kids as well. I’ve since been appointed ambassador, and our family is honored to help them in any way we can.”

Emma on choosing Bedford Hills to raise their family: “We are both East Coast people. Bruce is from New Jersey; I’ve worked as a model in New York since 1999. We love the East Coast. We knew New York was where we would end up and ultimately want to raise our kids. But we also have a love/hate relationship with the city. It’s busy, and the spaces can be small. We wanted our kids to be able to have more room and a yard to run in. I also wanted to keep the kids as sheltered as we could from the paparazzi, and that scene is still very prevalent in L.A.; it’s not bad in New York, and it’s zero up where we live, so that played a big part in our decision-making too. The beauty of where we live is that it’s close to the city, so we get the best of both worlds. Nature, space, and privacy in Bedford, but the culture of the city, which is only an hour away.”

Emma on the kids’ bedtime routine: “We start getting the kids to their bedrooms around 7 p.m. It’s pretty straightforward, with story time, hugs, and kisses — but don’t get me wrong, it’s not always smooth and picture-perfect. What’s nice is we’re not outnumbered — Bruce can get one of the kids to bed while I work on the other. We have it down to a fine science at this point.”

Emma on Bruce not needing personal space: “Bruce is awesome when it comes to his personal time, and he’s constantly sharing it. I think he’s been so used to having kids for so long, and knowing his time really isn’t his own anymore, that he’s very generous with it. Even when he’s sleeping — and this poor man suffers from terrible insomnia — if the kids were to wake him, he wouldn’t even so much as complain. I’ve also never heard him say he needs some alone time. I, on the other hand, am not afraid to let everyone know when I need time for myself.”

For more from Bruce and Emma, go to Elle Decor

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Mercedes Mason & David Denman Radiate The Red Carpet

Parents-to-be Mercedes Mason and David Denman radiated the red carpet at Entertainment Weekly’s 2017 Pre-Emmy Party at the Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood, Calif., on Friday (September 15).

The mom-to-be, 35, looked beautiful in a blue Charles & Ron dress featuring a black belt above her bump.

The Fear the Walking Dead star Instagrammed an image after the event.

“Had a blast at the @entertainmentweekly Emmy party last night! The cool thing with having a baby bump is no ones judges you when you park yourself in front of the food table, ignore other human beings and gorge yourself like a kid from a Hans Christian Anderson story. Thank you @official_lukatonic for styling me in this beautiful @charlesandron dress (you KNOW I love a dress with pockets…that’s where I keep the candy) and @maisonpriveepr_la for everything,” she wrote.

Last month, the actress and The Office star, 44, announced their first pregnancy.

It’ll be a boy for the first-time parents.

Last week, the NCIS: Los Angeles star debuted her baby bump on the cover of Bello.

Mason, who stars as Ofelia on Fear the Walking Dead, and Denman, who is best known as Pam’s ex Roy on The Office, tied the knot in 2014.

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In Honor of the Solar Eclipse, Here Are Some Photos of Celebs Literally Mooning Their Followers

Whether you’re watching the eclipse or sitting in your office, enjoy some celebrity belfies because sometimes there is only one moon that matters.
Source: In Honor of the Solar Eclipse, Here Are Some Photos of Celebs Literally Mooning Their Followers