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Bulleit Has Your Cocktail for the Weekend


Celebrate the first weekend of spring with a refreshing cocktail made with the rich, oaky Bulleit Rye.

The combination of vanilla hints in the liquor and some added light citrus make for a perfect spring cocktail: the Bulleit Rye Smash. Here’s what you need and how to make it.

  • 1.25 oz. Bulleit Rye
  • 1 oz. simple syrup
  • 3 wedge(s) lemon(s)
  • 3 piece(s) mint sprig
  • 3 dash(es) bitters

In an ice filled shaker combine all the ingredients. Shake vigorously. Strain into an ice-filled rocks glass. Garnish with a mint sprig.


[Photo Credit: Bulleit]

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A Day in the Life of a First Time New York Fashion Week Designer

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Hillary Taymour, the rising star behind Collina Strada, wants to make clothes that everyone can wear. After launching as a leather handbags line in 2008, the FIDM grad hit this year’s New York Fashion Week Spring 2015 with Collina Strada’s first full ready-to-wear show, and is being called “the next big thing.”

“I don’t need to make a statement, I just want to make things that are tangible and that people want to wear and that they can wear with any other thing in their closet. I want it to be like, ‘here’s a fashion piece, but it’s one you can wear with your t-shirt’. I feel like that’s how people dress right now,” Taymour told Milk Studios of her transition from accessories. Her Spring 2015 line is heavily inspired by nature, and each look is named after a national park. With a mixture of leather and prints, there’s just the right of femininity and edge to make the entire collection essential to your spring wardrobe. Check out a few selections, below.

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Taymour filled us in on the essentials of her big day, both pre and post-show, while photographer Jonathan Hökklo was on hand to document any and all behind the scenes moments. Check out what goes on in the hours leading up to a big fashion show, and what kind of help Taymour’s dog Pow Wow was during the day.

To learn how to conquer New York Fashion Week like a pro, look no further than our friend Jarvis.

[Photo Credit: Jonathan Hökklo]

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First Dibs: Is Mekhi Phifer Headed For Some Serious Struggles?

Mekhi Phifer

Bryan Greenberg chills with one of his favorite music artists at an NBA game, Julia Roberts weighs in on George Clooney‘s engagement, and fans might see more of the stars from Spring Breakers.

  • According to a report, Mekhi Phifer has filed for bankruptcy. The ER actor apparently owes more than $1 million in taxes, along with roughly $50,000 in legal fees. Come on, Mekhi, get it together! [TMZ]
  • Bryan Greenberg stopped by Big Morning Buzz Live and talked about seeing a hip-hop icon while at a basketball game. Who did the actor end up buying a beer for?

  • George Clooney’s engagement definitely surprised Hollywood, but how do his close pals feel? Julia Roberts, for one, is ecstatic that her friend found love, and she looks forward to meeting his stunning fiancee. [PopSugar]
  • It looks like Spring Breakers is getting some sort of a sequel, though it’s not clear if any of the original cast members have signed on to the project. Are we willing to fork over our money if we’re not able to see more of James Franco in cornrows? [MTV News]

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Barbara Walters’ Last Day on The View: May 16

Barbara Walters’ Last Day on The View: May 16

Posted by Adam

2012 White House Correspondents' Association Dinner - ArrivalsBARBARA Walters is making her retirement plans known!

The TV titan has set the date to make her final appearance on The View.

Walters — who plans to retire later this Spring — has said May 16 is the “drop dead” date for her AM sign-off.

Walters will be the subject of a two hour news special produced by ABC that will chronicle her life in front of the camera. It will air that same night, from 9-11 p.m. ET.

“This was the right time,” Walters, 84, told AARP Magazine.

“The kinds of interviews I did all these years, nobody wants them anymore. You have three minutes of a morning show. That’s different from before.”

Joining the network in 1976 as the first female news anchor was not easy.

“When I became the first woman co-anchor of a network news program, I was vilified. That did hurt me,” she tells AARP.

“I thought my career was over. No one wanted a woman, and they certainly didn’t seem to want me, and I had a co-host [Harry Reasoner] who really didn’t want me. What saved me was that Roone Arledge, who was president of ABC News, felt I had value.”

Walters will continue to executive produce The View and will contribute to ABC News “as news warrants,” the network said.


Source: Barbara Walters’ Last Day on The View: May 16

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